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Writeworld Sentence Block

Sentence: The stakes are higher than you think.


A tense silence filled the air between them and she watched him lazily as he paced back and forth. After working together for a few years now, she could see how Oskar had become Dreu’s friend. They had some of the same mannerisms.

“I don’t like this Rikku.” Oskar turned to stare at her. His arms crossed stubbornly over his chest and he squared his shoulders. It was an obvious sign of his that he was going to fight whatever she had to say. Rikku wondered if he knew he was so obvious. “We can’t put them all in the same room. You’re going to cause a bloodbath!”

“I know what I’m doing Oskar.” She tapped her finger on the stack of files that she had spent hours reading over. Someone under their command was a traitor and they needed to flush them out. “I have Lydia and Dev working on the other side, going through accounts and messages but we need to set an example.”

“There won’t be an example to set if we let them all in the same room together.”

“The stakes are higher than you think.” She flipped open the top file and handed it over. It listed everything that the company could stand to lose if they didn’t take care of this problem soon. “I wouldn’t have brought this up if it wasn’t serious.”

Oskar looked over the figures on the page and she could see the fight draining from him. He didn’t fight her on many things but she had learned quickly that having backup helped to prove her points. “But an example? How do you propose to do this?”

“Easy. We will eliminate the threat with everyone watching.” His eyes darkened as she realized what she was saying. It wasn’t the first threat that they had to eliminate since they took over the darker side of Wolf Industries for Dreu. They had to restructure the chain of the command and get rid of weak links that didn’t like taking orders from a younger generation, and especially not a woman. “If we don’t, then we’ll lose the control. My family will be in danger and I will not allow that to happen.”

Her children were too young to understand what was going on thankfully. Armin’s fifth birthday was coming up and he wanted everyone to be there; his Uncle Oskar included. The twins were just excited about the party. They enjoyed the attention even if the day was all about their brother.

Dreu was just as tense as she was. While she figured out the problem, he had to deal with the fallout up top. Revenue was disappearing, partners pressuring him to find out why so many problems were piling up, and he stayed late to do what he could.

Needless to say, she and Oskar were livid when they found out the reason for the sudden turn in the company. They had spent a lot of time making sure their underground partners behaved and their contacts were giving them everything they could. The fact that this had been missed was a blow and now correction was necessary.

“How are we going to keep them from fighting in our meeting room?” Oskar, in all of his roughness, was smarter than he acted. His was a legitimate question and Rikku had been having trouble figuring out that part on her own.

“Until Lydia and Dev give us the name, that’s what you and I shall figure out.” With so many rivals and hot tempers going to be in one room, she and Oskar needed to keep everything calm and on their terms.

“I want in on this.” Dreu leaned in the doorway, looking just as angry as she felt. He didn’t sneak up on them often but today was one to add to the scoreboard. She had brought all the information to him first but hadn’t planned on giving him the plan until she and Oskar had flushed out the details. “I don’t enjoy being screwed with.”

“Join the party.” Oskar grumbled, dropping onto the couch that lined the wall. “We’ve all been screwed with.”

With their minds working together, they’d put together the perfect plan in no time. All she’d have to worry about after dealing with the problem was getting Armin to decide on what flavor of cake he wanted. All the flavors was unreasonable, even for her little prince.


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