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Sentence: “I wish there was another option.”


“I wish there was another option.”

Scrapes of metal on metal and little clinks of items being organized on a tray instilled both a silencing fear and a determination that Winny couldn’t remember ever feeling before she had been brought to Avia. Even her fear of her own power didn’t quite twist her stomach into knots the same way that these scientists and their lies did.

“If you’d only cooperate with us, Winona, then things would be easier for you.” Though her eyes were covered for now, she knew exactly who was talking. Currently it was Doctor Evans, the one who was in charge of researching the scope of her abilities. His coworker, or partner in crime, was Doctor Hawthorne. He was probably on the other side of the room writing notes as always. “It’s for the greater good. You’ll be helping mankind.”

“Hawk, Evans, her codename is Hawk. Goldblum will lecture you again if you keep calling her by her birth name during the session.” Ah, there was Hawthorne. From the sound of his voice and the faint vibrations that she could feel, he was in the corner closest to the door. As always, they were keeping to calling each other by their last names in front of her as if knowing their first names would help her in any way.

She never understood why he sat there. It wasn’t like she could escape while she was strapped to a table. If she had the physical strength to beat them then maybe but her power was too dangerous to use. Even she didn’t know the scope and the possibility of hurting innocent people kept her mouth shut.

“The session hasn’t started.” Evans argued, sounding a little defensive but more excited than anything. Winny knew from experience that he had plenty of sadistic tendencies; it was why he was put in charge of making her use her powers. “Besides, using the names of subjects is supposed to relax them and give them a sense of security.”

“That doesn’t work when I already know what’s about to happen.” Winny may not have finished high school but she did take an introductory psychology course. Nothing they did was going to make her feel secure or safe.

It didn’t even take a minute for her words to sink in before her cheek became reacquainted with the table that she was strapped too. Despite her first instinct to cry, she held it back. It was her cries, her screams that they wanted and she refused to give them that.

Sonic screams weren’t nearly as awesome as comic books made it out to be. Without the information on her powers, they could not properly calibrate her electric collar. It was a cause of great distress among the scientists of Avia. Her screams had already proved deadly, it was how they caught her, but without the collar they couldn’t control her power and keep her from killing them. So she was put in isolation and had many sessions with the scientists to try and figure out her limits.

Winny swelled with pride at the fact that they had only managed to figure out that she had a better handle on staying quiet than anyone else on the island, even during torture.

There were times where she was tempted, so tempted, to just end it all by giving them what they wanted. The temptation was there now as she moved her jaw from side to side to get the feeling back but it was the others that she was worried about.

The other kids that were on the island were in danger too if she opened her mouth. What if her powers were strong enough to reach them? They were innocent and didn’t deserve that pain. She wouldn’t any of them in danger just so that her pain would stop, especially when there was no actual assurance that the torture would stop.

“Since you’re a bit lippy today, Hawk, maybe you’ll give us a pretty sound instead of staying silent.” The blindfold was tugged roughly from her head and the first thing Winny saw was the tray full of the day’s toys. Knives were nothing new but today’s tray included a whip and a clamp of sorts.

Every time she had a session she told herself that she wouldn’t look at that tray or at the doctors and every time she failed. Winny had gotten to the point that she didn’t look at the doctors until just before the first knife sliced her skin but the tray always caught her attention.

As the table tilted so that she was upright and facing the scientists, a small click signaled that the camera was on and that it was almost time.

“So I’ve heard that you’ve managed to get Magpie talking.” Her head whipped up and she stared hard at Hawthorne across the room. Bringing up Tucker could only mean that they had an end game here that included him. “You’d be the first person that he actually seems to like.”

“No.” Though it risked another hit, she narrowed her eyes at the man. It was the first time that she done anything of the sort to either of them and she capitalized on it. First times didn’t get punishment; they were recorded and filed away.

“No?” Hawthorne’s pen paused only for a short moment before writing down everything. Evans was keeping quiet and toying with his favorite knife for the time being.

“I will not help you get to Tucker,” she hissed, shifting as best as she could. Though it was meant as a socialization test for the two of them, she had come to like Tucker. They talked through a little window that connected their new cells. He didn’t actually talk much to her and most of what he said was usually mean but she didn’t mind it. At least there was someone to talk to and who listened.

She knew his story, everyone did, and she was not going to be another person who had hurt him.

“Oh Hawk, you say that like you have a choice.” Her gaze moved to Evans who looked very amused. That never meant anything good for her. “This is the first time your new friend will see what happens when you are taken out for the day. Let’s see if he cares enough to heal you.”

Winny’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what they meant; she was going to be a tool to try and get to Tucker. His powers were just as, if not more, unknown than hers were.

She was so busy trying to figure out how to keep Tucker out of this that she barely processed the first cut of the knife. By sheer luck she managed to keep from crying but the pain pulled her from her thoughts. Already, tears were welling in her eyes. They were serious today and that meant it was going to be one of her longer sessions.

The only thing she had to hold onto for now was her silence. It was about half way through that she hoped that Tucker hadn’t started to like her. If he didn’t like her then he’d have no reason to help her.


If y’all didn’t figure it out, this is a piece about Winny who was first introduced by Maura in https://marsreine.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/38-winning-justice-by-a-tuckered-hand/. This is set before the escape and before Winny has her near death experience. Torture is something that she is unfortunately very familiar with. She may or may not make another appearance, I’m not sure yet.