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From The Writer’s Desk

Or, in this case, maybe it’s better to say from the writing platform. I’m not at my “desk” nor would I consider this as writing, per say, as I’ve been doing for this blog.

I know what you’re thinking: Maura went and forgot about maintaining the Alibi again. There went her commitment. We might as well unsubscribe from now.

Or maybe you had faith in my, or rather our, silence. We did it before, right? And our track record shows that M.J. and I always come back, so it’s logical to assume that we’ll do the same this time around. If you were that optimistic, thank you. Pat yourself on the back cause you, my insane reader, were right.

So what is my excuse for abandoning my little alibi? School!

In case you missed the blip all those posts ago, let me declare it now: I’m in law school. I just started (it’s only August afterall) and I’ve been swamped. Finding an apartment, moving, getting important documents set up for school, extensively dense readings, and figuring out a schedule has taken alot out of me.

I’m working on finding a balance between school (my full time job-seriously, it’s 45 hours min of my week), my family, my friends, tv (cause there are some interesting shows coming in Fall), and writing. Oh, and my dog. It would be wrong to forget him when he’s in my face close to eleven hours a day (he’s staring at me as I type this). It’s a little meltdown worthy cumbersome at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things…..Eventually.

It’s my hope that my “desk” will once again be riddled with creative ideas instead of just case briefs and legal definitions. Maybe I’ll be able to incorporate some things I learn or, better yet, maybe I’ll get some steam out so I can keep trudging through the depths of the law. The process will be a slow going one, so I apologize from now. Once I get things sorted, and my time management skill kicks in, things will be back on track. Till then, you may get a lot of reflection/personal posts from my end about my journey through law school.

Take care of yourselves.

Till next time,
Maura D.