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A Letter From The Writer’s Desk

Have you ever gone through a day with a secret?  Not a bad omen kind of secret but one that you want to announce to the world? One you couldn’t wait to whisper to the nearest person? Stranger, neighbor, friend, or foe, so long as they had an ear, you bounced on your heals in anticipation? Well that’s how I get with these prompts. I don’t always put a ton of backstory into them but when I do, and you’ll rarely know when, I fidget in my seat. I wonder if anybody will catch the clues I carefully wove in. I ask myself, should I just tell them? What if they like not knowing? What if even M.J. doesn’t get it?

For instance, Expira. Of Romanian origin, and loosely translated, the word means to expire, die, end, render, or determine. The world was dying. The life those characters knew were about to expire but this rendered decisions for survival and in the end, a new order was determined. How’s that for the power of a name?

Who I really want to look at is Marcus. He first appeared in Marcus: The Faerie Hunter as an understandably disgruntled teenage boy who’s about to go on an adventure that would alter his cursed way of life. I later posted Brewing Marcus, an equally mysterious follow-up as requested by the readers. But I bet you didn’t know “the tweeb” and the “scrawny, blonde, perfect looking [girl] with big green eyes” Kenna told Marcus about were Tyler and Caly from A Faerie Interruption. That connection is vital. Without it, how would you know The Thrice Blessed Blind Born was another puzzle piece?

Now, let’s walk you through The Thrice Blessed Blind Born for a second. The title is a line taken directly from A Faerie Interruption. I’m not explaining how it links since it’s so obnoxiously obvious. I want to look at the poem from there instead.

“As the rose bush burns, so its thorns remain lost…” This would be a tough one unless you’re the type of person who looks up the meanings of names.

Kenna Rose, introduced in Brewing Marcus, made a point to tell Marcus, very vaguely, that her sister was taken. Kenna means fiery or born of fire and Rose is pretty self-explanatory. Then there is Jamie, who was introduced in The Thrice Blessed Blind Born – her name means lost. Lost thorns and a rose bush? The two are sisters. Jamie was the one who was taken by the Fae all those years ago.

“…Shroud in gray, caught in the between.”  This is where you need backstory. Jamie is completely color blind, hence she’s shroud in gray and caught in the between. She’s also technically part of the Fae which serves as another reason she’s in the between. Anything more than that is strictly for my evil plotting purposes only.

“Bound by curses and blind by fate…” That’s funny, Marcus is cursed and Jamie is blind.

“Thee thrice blessed one will come again.” Self-explanatory.

Makes you think doesn’t it? Have you caught any of my other pieces that connect? Do you like to leave bread crumbs for your readers when you write?