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They All Fall Down


No, I said the thirty-fourth floor. Lucas left the mental correction at that and wiped down the tabletop. “You’re right. My fault.” He plastered on a smile as he turned around. “I won’t mess it up again. Promise.” He saluted his latest firing squad that consisted of one guerrilla, one dwarf, and one shifty-eyed narc.

He moved past them and wondered if beauty was only a part of vampirism. It had to be something in their blood. One drink and hello gorgeous. He caught his reflection in one of the trays while the three stooges droned on about their boss’ unhappiness with his mix-up. The five o’clock scruff that never let up was his permanent tie to his lycan half. It spread from around his adam’s apple, along his jaw, and dared to sneak in on cheek territory. Turning his head from side to side, he made a note to take his next lunch break soon. The hot guy shadow was hours away from full blown beard.

“The next ti-Cartwright, are you listening?”

“Yea, yea,” Lucas pulled away from his much more interesting reflection, “I heard yuh. The next time I waste your time, I lose a body part. Right?” The three way glare of intimidation was all the answer he needed. “Right. I’ll make sure I get my facts straight from now on.”

“You better, boy.”

Lucas nodded at the guerrilla. “I got it. Beasts honor.” He smiled as the trio skulked out. The patrons that did know who they were, kept their heads down. They weren’t hard to spot among the chatty crowd of mid-day drinkers. Smirking, Lucas almost felt bad for them. The only reason they had to put up with the likes of lycan goons was because of him. Though, he mused as moved to clean up another table, if the goons weren’t idiots, they would have gotten the information right in the first place.

Twice, he told them twice where the vamps were going to hold their little celebratory brunch. He explained the only reason it was a brunch was because nobody would suspect the big heads would go out during the day. Not even the lycans. The shifters were smarter but they were also too scared to take a side for his liking, which landed him squarely in the Libertas lap.


He looked up and grinned. “Rach. I’m surprised they sent you.”

She shrugged. “I’m not officially in the pack so I can come and go as I please.” Hugging him, she gave his cheek a peck and slipped a key in his pocket. “I need that back by six. Don’t take too long.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“Good cause you owe me a date and you better shave.” Rachel wriggled her nose. “I’ve had enough hair to last me for years.”

Lucas smirked. A solo raid and a chance to get in better with the Libertas. The day was looking up. “The usual?”

“Of course,” she cooed, “you know what like.”

“That I do.” His manager gave them the evil eye from across the room. “And if I don’t get back to work, I won’t be able to afford you.”

Her eyes roamed over him. He puffed his chest out instinctively but quickly distracted himself with his day job. He wasn’t one of the pack. He didn’t get to impress the beta in training nor did he want to. She was merely one path to his end goal. He’d help get rid of all the races that shut him out and when they were gone, he’d sit back and watch the Libertas self-destruct. So long as he kept playing the sides right, he’d get to be at the top, with a bird’s eye view of the wreckage.