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100 Creatures in 100 Days; that was my challenge. Now, I managed to finish all of the creatures but I did not even come close to making it in 100 straight days. As nice as it would have been to have that accomplishment under my belt, I’m just happy that the challenge is finished.

At the same time, I am disappointed. I find myself wishing that life hadn’t gotten in the way so much over the holiday season (Thanksgiving, my semester finals, Christmas, New Years, starting the new semester, etc). But those are also just the excuses I gave myself. Sure I got behind thanks to all that but I also let myself feel discouraged by how much I was behind that it took away some of the enjoyment that I felt for writing for the challenge.

It took a long time, as loath as I am to admit it, to push aside my feelings of rush rush rush. I was trying so hard to keep to the deadline that I began to lost interest, have severe writer’s block, and lose enjoyment in the process of learning about the creatures that I was writing about. When I did decide to just take my time and enjoy it again, the ideas came easier. Yes, I didn’t finish anywhere close to 100 days but I am happy that I finished at all since I don’t have the best track record of finishing what I start writing. I actually lost count of how many days over that I went. If my memory serves, I was supposed to finish sometime in February sometime.

And now it’s July.

In fact, I believe today is my 1 year anniversary for signing up with WordPress. Whoo! I should throw myself a little party. Maybe find myself another writing challenge to attempt, though I don’t think I’ll be so strict on myself.

I learned quite a bit from this about myself and about my writing. Maura will tell you time and time again that I’m the better writer, which is a delusion of hers since she is obviously the better writer, but I feel that I have grown in my own style. I know that I can’t expect things to always go the way I want, especially when juggling the stresses of life, but it helped me to adapt.

As for you, my dear readers, I want to thank you for sticking with me for so long. I didn’t get many comments but I treasure each and every one that I did get. One of you even promoted one of my stories on your own blog and another asked me for more about a creature and I can’t begin to tell you how excited both of those made me.

I’d also like to throw some love out there for Maura and my friend Ruth. They were always there through all of my road blocks to help and give me ideas. Ruth would stay up for hours going through and giving me feedback (she doesn’t know it but I saved every bit of it) and Maura was my plotting buddy.

Another thing I’d like to announce is that I will be taking any requests you guys have. If there is a favorite creature that you’d like to read more about or just something you’d like to see me try, go ahead and comment below. I already have an idea for a follow up of ‘Boogeyman’ since Colin wanted to read more and will be working on that soon. But seriously, I’d love to hear all of the feedback that came with this challenge or any of my other pieces that I’ve written. Do the same for Maura, she’s crazy good and deserves lots of love too.

Anywho, thanks again to all you guys reading this now. I was never comfortable letting others read my stuff but knowing that there are people who actually like it enough to keep coming back is a huge confidence booster.

Until next time~