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Little Miss Faux


That totally did not turn out the way I expected it to. “Come again?”

“I said, let’s stop stressing it and break up.”

My mouth hung open. I knew it was bad, and he clearly saw I was blindsided, but I couldn’t close it. Not even the waitress who placed our orders down could shake me back to reality. No, it was reality, mine to be exact, and it took a wrong turn.

“But…” but what, Jenn? Our relationship was faker than my eyelashes. The only reason we paired up in the first place was for the popularity points and it was the only reason we lasted for two years. We probably would have gone another six months if it wasn’t for Kyle’s indiscretion when it came to his wandering lust.

“But there’s still homecoming and prom and the yearbook nominations.” I sat back with a small smile. That was a great follow-up and the longer I saw him stare into his milkshake, the more confident I became. He was far from finely groomed but the guy cared about appearances, to an extent anyway. “So? What will it be?”

Kyle picked a fry from my plate, dipped it in his shake, my ketchup, and then it disappeared in his mouth. “Really? You’re starting that again?”

“This,” he showed me his well mashed choco-ketchup fry and I nearly gagged, “is my answer.”

“Poor manners don’t count as an answer.”

I watched him go to do it again, this time with three fries, and I had to stop him. If I had to see that mash-up again, I’d baby barf for sure.

“Okay, you get the floor. Why is this suddenly so important? You never cared before and now….” now he’s being pig but pointing that out will get me a gag performance, “…well now, now you’re not the guy I thought I knew.”

I let go of his wrist. He ate the fries like a normal human being. I stared at him then past him to the swinging door. The bell jingled in five second increments thanks to the constant Tuesday flow of caffeine addicted patrons. Tuesdays were half days; order any amped up coffee you wanted and only pay half. Insane, right? I thought so too till I realized the place made a killing.

I looked down at my fries and wondered if every small town dinner did so well. I heard my phone chime and reached for it but so did Kyle. Rule one of break-up meetings, never leave your phone on the table or on ringer.

“Give it up,” my hand was out and waiting expectantly, “you don’t have any right to snoop.”

Problem was, he didn’t care. I wiggled my fingers but nothing. He was too distracted with whatever was going on on my phone. “Seriously, give it back, Kyle.”

“Not the guy you knew, huh? You’re not much better.” He flipped the phone around. “You’re not much either.”

My hand slowly made its way to my lap. My teeth clenched. I felt my leg start to shake as I looked around and behind me. Nobody was paying us much attention but it was only a matter of time before someone did get bored with their daily life and bumped into my imploding one.

“Well, Princess, is it me you have a problem with or is it that I don’t wear a bra?”

Kyle’s smugness slapped enough courage back in me that I was able to swipe my phone back. I wasn’t able to glare the way I wanted to but I managed to stop my knee from shaking.

“It’s none of your business.” I told him dryly.

“Right. Some girl isn’t sharing risqué pictures with my girlfriend.”

“We’re too stressful and broke up, remember?” Maybe it was my guilt for being a hypocrite that made me point it out but it worked. His smug smirk fell and I was able to relax in that. “Look, how abou—“

“Save it. I’m not losing to some chick.” He pushed out his chair and the next thing I knew his mouth was on mine. It was hard and full of everything I hated about him; from the forcefulness to the faint taste of his disgusting cigarettes.

As repulsed as I was, I let it happen. To the outside, we were a couple in love. We were sharing a hungry, fiery kiss of youth. We were the poster couple for a dramatic teen flick but on the inside my stomach churned.

Finally the kiss stopped. My guess was because he figured out I wasn’t going to put on a big show for once. Not that it stopped him from flashing a huge smile like he won my virginity. “See you later, babe.”

I wanted to shove him away but instead I smiled shyly and waved after him. He wasn’t over the conversation but, for the moment, I was free to breathe without my lies sitting across from me.

My phone chimed again. So not all of my lies were walked out with Kyle. Placing my elbows on the table, I texted back my supposed girlfriend. It paid to have friends outside of school that no one knew about. One well times text and anything was possible, including tricking your fake boy toy to stay in a fake relationship. All I needed were a few more months and I’d be able dump him for good.