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Charm School


“We are definitely going to talk about this tomorrow.”

Belinda looked from one bobbing head to the next. Running the school’s literary club turned out to be the easy part, it was getting the ball rolling that was difficult. The school required an advisor, a board, a six month plan that showed how the school benefitted from the club, a rough sketch of the club’s activities, a proposed budget, and for the board members to be of high moral and academic standing.

It took some months but, in the end, she got it together. She talked the head of the English department into being their advisor, got in good favor with the guidance counselors to get the top ranked students and convinced them that the club was their golden ticket, and after that, things came together perfectly.

Belinda sat and watched as the rest of her board filed out. They were so different yet not; athletes, nerds, theatre junkies, loners, choir angels, teacher pets, and they all were incredibly stupid.

“Ms. Shuman, you’ve surpassed my expectations.”

Belinda looked up from her club notebook with an easy smile. “So have you, Mr. Simon. I didn’t think you’d become this popular, not with that temper of yours.” She let her own green eyes linger on his before she returned to writing in her notebook. “Is Levi ready? I’m bored here.”

Mr. Simon pushed the door closed and bowed. “It is not time, miss. Please bear with the wait a little longer.”

She sighed and propped her chin in her waiting palm. The literary club was entertaining at times but it wasn’t the club they wanted. “Fine. Tell Eloa I want more friends and this time,” she glanced over his way, “make them monstrous. The students here need something to feel alive about. A few dead classmates should do the trick.”

“I suppose so….”

“Perfect, then you’re dismissed too. And tell Eloa, I hate waiting.”

“Yes, miss.”

She waited till she heard the door close to lean hurl her notebook and table across the room. Waiting was not her forte. She wanted to squeeze the breath out of every idiot she had to play nice with but because that counted as unnecessary actions, she was stuck as an overseer. Still, she did have a club to rule over, a magazine to put out, and an entire school body to charm. It could tie her over for another month.

“One,” she whispered darkly, her mouth twisting into a wide, inhuman grin, “and then the hunt begins.”


I want to know if this information makes you re-read.

  1. Belinda means snake
  2. Shuman means rattlesnake handler
  3. Simon means obedient
  4. Levi is taken from Leviathan which means coiled, twisting in folds, and wreathed, and is referenced as being demonic
  5. Eloa is the name of Betrayal (a Minor Sin and an OC of M.J.’s) who loves snakes and snakes also mean betrayal
  6. “Charm” is in the title

Did anybody pause a few times there? I know I did and I’m the one who wrote it. Anyway, till next time.

`Maura D