“Ow! What’d you do that for–?”

“I can’t believe you!”

Armin pulled away from his sister. Rolling his shoulder, he glared down at her. “It was a joke Emma.”

“No it wasn’t!” She argued.

She reached up to slap his neck again but he was faster. “I didn’t know they’d go that far, okay? But it was a joke. So what?” He let her wrist go despite her devious pout and he planned to leave it at that but there was something about the way her brow twitched.

The sting of another hand slapping his already abused neck made him hiss. Whipping around, he rolled his eyes. It was a double team. That was what the twitch meant.

“We’re telling dad. How’s that for so what?” Emmaline smiled smugly as her double brushed past him to stand shoulder to shoulder with her. “Or mom. I’m sure she’ll love knowing her son doesn’t look out for his sisters.”

“Oh, we should bypass them completely. Let’s go tell grandma now.” Emmaline’s smile grew into a triumphant grin. “She has a break now right?”

Smiling back at her twin sister, Gisela nodded. “I think so. If we’re lucky, she’s with Kea.”

Armin sighed. Dealing with one of them alone was hard, but together, they were impossible. It was like going up against a trained interrogation team.

Absently rubbing his sore neck, he grumbled. If their aunt Lydia didn’t take them to the office so often, his sisters wouldn’t have learned how to apply just the right amount of pressure so effectively. On top of that, they loved sneaking in on the family meetings when they had to go to the compound. He usually tagged along to make sure they didn’t get caught so he knew what happened behind the doors their parents tried to keep them from. Their mother was Yakuza and their father was a threat in his own right. Though he never told his sisters, he saw the darker side of the man they all looked up to. It was why he knew for certain the guys Emmaline was so worried about wouldn’t try targeting his blood again.

“Armin?” They spoke in unison, bringing him out of his peaceful world.

“Tell them what you want,” he mumbled, pulling away from their taunts, “I have a club to get to.”

He could hear the pair shuffling to keep up with him but he had the advantage of longer legs and a much harder head. They could tease and poke at him with threats all they wanted, he wasn’t going to budge. One way or another they’d hear about his suspension from the soccer team and the detention on top of it. The large amount of money their parents poured into the school kept it at that, though, if it weren’t for their grandmother and cousin working there, he wouldn’t have been punished in the first place but he guessed the school did have to do something to appease the other parents who were up in arms about the boy who pummeled their sons.


Quick background: Armin is older by one year. Gisela and Emmaline are his twin sisters; double trouble, annoyance, and attitude. Their the children of Dreu and Rikku Wolf (a pair I’ve previously used in this writing challenge), hence the Big Bad Wolf. Nobody messes with family. When it comes to the Wolf clan, blood will always be thicker than water.

I adore Drikku (Dreu and Rikku’s ship name) and their amazing children. This was my first time writing them as teenagers. I only hope I can do it again.

`Maura D.