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How could he have gotten it so hopelessly wrong? Go to the store, find the freezer section, and bring back ice-cream. It didn’t matter the flavor or color. All she wanted was some ice-cream. So why was it so difficult?

Derius snarled at the rows and rows of boxes. Sure, the flavor didn’t matter but there were so many brands and each one claimed it was the best. Then there were the different size tubs. Eloa was a small woman. A tub that fit in the palm of his hand looked proper for her. His eyes darted up to what he guessed were the normal size tubs. Those wouldn’t be done after four spoons full.

A brunette cut into his vision murmuring an, “Excuse me.”

Lifting his chin, he glared down at her. “I didn’t.” His gaze hardened as he watched her pick her preferred ice-cream and put the tub in her arm basket. Humans had grown impudent over the years. They didn’t know basic etiquette.

It was one more thing he’d have to fix when he got back home. That and the severe lack of fear they had when it came to sin. One century they were at the alter praying to be saved from temptation and the next, they thought they were above it. That, or they welcomed it like they were friends with the very bottom of Hell.

That stupid angel caused this.

Another thing he’d be picking at later with Miss Golden Wonder herself.

Thanks to her, he and Eloa had to take on the prestigious mission of finding some worthy vessel and then, they got the luxury of angelsitting till she gave birth.

Derius’ eye twitched. They were like the useless apes without their powers. They had to rely on human intuition, which was clouded by everything. He couldn’t even go a full day without some stupid need interrupting him. Exhaustion was infuriating as were hunger, thirst, sleepiness, soreness, aches and pains, and everything else that made humans what they were. It was a pain and the very best part, Eloa was pregnant too.

From what he knew before and all the new qualms that came with a human pregnancy, he developed a new level of hatred for both the spoiled hairless apes and the devil himself. He was a Sin, one of the best and most influential, and yet he was stuck topside as a human, dealing with human problems, and taking care of not one, but two pregnant women.

Settling on a brand, he quickly stuck his hand in the ice chamber, grabbed it, and got out. He looked down at it in his hands. Grapenut icecream; between the connection to cows and Eloa’s nuttiness, it was perfect. And if the angel hated it, then it was even better. The thought alone made his freezing fingers worth it.


I told myself that I wouldn’t re-use characters I’ve done in the past but I just couldn’t help it. A mumbling, eye twitching, highly irritated sin turned human was too tempting not to write. 

`Maura D.