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“I can’t believe they chose this wallpaper.” Her blood stained fingers ran over the raised yellow and orange paisleys. They were an eyesore but, looking back at the streaks of red from her trailing fingers, she found it looked better with the right flair. “I bet they thought they would have a wonderful life here.”

Nessa scoffed. Humans were so gullible. They truly believed a new place meant a clean slate. Smiling darkly, she licked her finger. “They taste as boring as their decorations.”

“Why here?” Her silent companion asked.

She paused in front of a closed door, pushing off his question a moment longer. She always answered when he said so but for once, she wanted him to wait. It was her fun, her plan, her vision. They did his month long rejuvenation camp without much fuss from her end and while he had her mission on pause, her enemies were able to overcome their fear.

Fools, she thought as she entered the room. Both the bastards that ripped her of her humanity and the couple she left at the bottom of the stairs, mangled and soaked in their own blood. The pair planned to start over entirely from the looks of things. Where she remembered her bed was a crib, a changing table replaced her nightstand, a toy box replaced her computer desk, and a white dresser replaced her vanity.

She walked in further. They were going to raise a baby in her room? Hers? Though he eyes were vacant red orbs, her fingers curled in tightly. It was by Azazel’s persuasion that she spared her parents. They love you, he said, don’t hurt them more than the years have already. And as much as she wanted to shake them for giving up on her and moving away from the only home she knew, she didn’t.


She looked over her shoulder. He was exactly how he sounded; tense, irritated, and curious. “What’s wrong? Is not knowing that bad?” Smiling sweetly, she went over to him. “I thought you’d be proud of me. I finally learned how to block mind invaders like you.”

His dark eyes narrowed in silent argument as his arm wrapped around her. “I could hold you hostage again.”

Despite herself, her smile grew. She used to hate being his hostage. She still was at times, a very willing one, but it was different. They were on the same playing field. They were both powerful, stubborn, controlling, highly ranked, blood loving demons and she had him to thank for it.

No, she told herself. She had a real mission and it did not include christening her old room with him. “How about I tell you why I picked here and then we can decide who is the hostage this time?”

He caught her hand in its trek up his chest. At first she expected the shadows to carry them off but instead he tasted the dry blood at her fingertips and nodded. Coming from him, the topic was still up for debate but he did give her the floor.

“I know you gave me the house, and I love it, but to reach my goal I want this to be my base. I want them to know there’s a girl living here that looks exactly like the girl they thought they got rid of.” Nessa looked up from his chest, her smile colder. “I want them to marinate in fear and paranoia, knowing one night I’ll be the last woman they’ll ever see.”

She watched her demon smile and felt her chest swell with pride. She didn’t set out for approval but getting it was just as nice.

“Tonight you’re my hostage.” She rolled her eyes. He spoke with arrogance that only he could muster. “And tomorrow, the game begins.”

The shadows swirled up around them, pressing coldly against them, but it didn’t kill the fire inside of her. For the night she’d indulge in him, her favorite pleasure and sin. Then tomorrow, she’d revel in her second favorite, murder.



Inspirational song this time around: The Devil Within by Digital Daggers

I love and hate this one. Love because it’s Snazzy (Nessa+Azzy/Azazel) and hate because I lost my way somewhere in there. Either way, it’s up and I got to enjoy a little of my favorite OC ships. I hope M.J. doesn’t kill me for sneaking in some Azazel time (cause I butchered him).

`Maura D.