He struck it in the hopes it would start working again. The light blinked faintly. Once. Twice. And then nothing. Cursing fate, he tightened his fists and let his anger out in each strike. Society bragged about their technology. They boasted about its reliability and its ability to go above and beyond since it was better than the human mind and yet, it failed him.

Though the gray clouds mirrored his angst, it wouldn’t cry for him. Nobody would. He was the wind that could caress as much as it could cut. He had no name, no reason to take on another form, not till she walked into his storm.

She was a foolish human. She believed in man and her God. Tsking, he kicked the car tire. She believed in him too; the man who was wind himself and even he couldn’t help her.

“Not like this,” he murmured to the darkening sky.

For days he followed her in the breeze. Humans were still young creatures but he found them interesting every millennia or so. There was something about the child liked wonder and faith some of them held. And so he watched her till it was too hard to remain as just the air around her.

He closed his eyes as his hope faded. It was for her that he shed his true form and it would be for the sake of her last request that he’d take it again.

The wind picked up, whirling around his waiting body, and took him in. His clothes whipped away as he faded into the very entity that he was, and when it was done, a strong gust of wind took the skies.

It rushed over homes and streets, disturbing everything in its path. It took with it the gray clouds that refused to cry. It wrapped around gardens and trees, carrying petals and flowers in its wake.

Blowing in the window panes, it swept into the white room of death and sickness, past the curtains and there it stayed as a gentle summer breeze. Flowers and petals showed down. They landed where they may, all but the ones he intended to surround his human.

When it was done, the wind caressed her cheek one last time and took to the sky, leaving in its wake a rain that smelt of roses and sadness.


Song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

I had Pandora playing in the background and then this song happened! After that, my fingers took off. I had to keep the song on a loop but I fell in love with this prompt. I may hate it later. Who knows. For now, I love it. I hope you enjoy it too. 

`Maura D.