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Levi couldn’t believe it one bit. Hell wasn’t nearly as bad as the humans thought it was. It wasn’t even that dark or bathed in brimstone and fire. There were the pits of tortured souls and a bit of flashy fire near the entrance but deeper in and it was almost like…a sanctuary.

This was the home of the demons, of the angels that took the dive deeper than just a Fallen. Sinners weren’t necessarily punished; they were welcomed and then thrown in mercilessly to be twisted and turned into new demons. Those in the pits were just unfortunate souls who pissed off the wrong demon.

A full tour of hell was promised after the ceremony and Levi couldn’t wait. It was a chance to explore what had been shrouded in such mystery for more than a millennia after Lucifer took over.

Hell before him was chaotic and savage. Demons clamored for power and paid no regards to any sort of balance. Lucifer changed it all though. Now they were more powerful than ever and the Angels could no longer slaughter at will.

The humans didn’t even have the Fall of Lucifer recorded correctly. But that was a correction to be made in due time.

It didn’t sit well with some demons to have the Morning Star take the throne when he had killed many of their kind. Didn’t take very long until the former archangel changed all of their minds with a bloody massacre of rebels that no one but Azazel could even come close to matching.

The dark walls of one of the few buildings in hell soon loomed above Levi. Home to spawn of Lucifer himself, the Sins, the dark castle was a testament to their preferred tastes. Contrary to popular belief, there were more than just Seven Sins that had become demons. The Seven were usually referred to as the ‘Majors’ only because they were more powerful and their pride enjoyed the title.

But the castle was home to the ‘Minor’ sins as well, all personified into demonic forms of all consuming power. Madness, Lies, Betrayal, Suicide; they were named for their power when they appeared but usually took on human names. Try as she might, Levi could only recall one name of all the Sins’ chosen names.

“Oh lookie, the replacement has finally arrived. And it’s a female this time!” A velvety smooth voice drew Levi’s attention from her inner musings and into darkly amused eyes of blue. Demons came in all colors and this one could easily be mistaken for an angel if not for the aura of evil and lust around him. “I hope you do better than the last one, Aiden doesn’t take failure well little Leviathan.”

It had to be Asmodeus, the ‘Prince’ of Lust. He was no actual Prince but the title, and honors with it, were given to whoever became the personal weapons and guards of the Seven. Levi couldn’t think of any other it could be with that same feel of lust. She had heard that Lust was female in form and had magenta eyes. Eventually she would know them all. “I heard a rumor that your mistress likes failure even less than that of Aiden, does she know about your little slip last time you were topside?”

His blue eyes glittered with a burning promise of retribution if she breathed another word but Levi only smiled smugly. She hadn’t even been introduced to her master yet and she was already one upping another Prince.

“The serpent has more of a bite than I thought. You may survive the week little girl.”

Snorting under her breath, she continued on her way behind her guide. Asmodeus followed closely behind into the large throne room. Nine thrones sat upon the raised platform and in each sat the most powerful beings in hell.

The center belonged to Lucifer himself, looking every bit as intimidating and beautiful as the rumors stated. Angelic beauty did nothing to hide the darkness that hung around him that had absolutely nothing to do with the sins sitting in the other thrones.

To his right sat Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Greed. Levi didn’t more than a glance at the insignias carved into the stone of their thrones to know. On Lucifer’s left sat the twins of Pride, in their separate but identical thrones, Lust, and who she could only guess was Envy.

Her gaze only dropped from him to bow to the King of Hell but soon returned after she was given permission to rise. Aiden was Envy’s chosen name and she had to keep herself from pondering too much on his looks or finery. He was to be her master soon enough.

And Envy was never happy with what he had.

“I thought Levi was a boy’s name,” Lucifer mused, his chin resting on his knuckles lazily while Levi tried not to shiver. His voice held the same darkness that surrounded him. She couldn’t tell if he was angry or just amused by the turn of the events. Either way, it didn’t bode well for her survival.

“Father was upset that a female beat out the males in our fight to survive,” siblings were rare among leviathan as they fought from their birth and she had killed her own to survive, “He named me Levi in order to hide that shame.”

“He was never the most intelligent of the Princes.” The female half of Pride spoke up, looking extremely bored with the conversation. Murmurs of agreement sounded from the other thrones, all except Envy. He was still eyeing her intensely.

Levi couldn’t blame any of them for boredom; she didn’t want this formality either. She was already chosen; she knew that the moment that she found herself with a demonic form that could pass almost human. This was pointless. But she nodded in agreement anyway as the ceremony went on.

“Welcome then Levi, our first Princess of Hell.” Lucifer quieted the room with his greeting and she bowed her head graciously. This was an honor despite the dangers that came with it. “Leviathans are the chosen of Envy and you are the one gifted with the abilities needed to serve him. You will know no other home than that of Envy’s and you will owe him your very loyalty. Do you understand?”

“Yes, your grace.”

“Aiden, do you have any qualms about your Princess?” All eyes swiveled towards the male in question. He was still staring down at her with that same expression but he had shifted in his seat.

Levi held his gaze as he pushed himself up and made his way to stand just inches away. It was if he was challenging her to look away but she couldn’t. He wasn’t much taller than she was but he was far more powerful than what she thought anyone one demon could control.

Maybe he wasn’t controlling it and that’s why she could feel it suffocating her slowly from all sides. What felt like minutes ticked by before things began to change. A slow smile twisted his lips and his power receded back into his body. She had to take slow breaths so she didn’t make a fool of herself before any of them.

“She’s perfect.”

A shocked silence followed his assessment and even Levi had to pause. In all the accounts of Envy, he was never happy with his Leviathan weapons. What was so different about her? She hadn’t done anything but stand there while Lucifer talked and even then she tuned most of the formal stuff out.

“Come again?” The question had surprisingly come from Sloth, the woman was draped across her throne like a blanket not moments before but now she was sitting straight and staring down at the both of them in confusion and curiosity.

“She’s perfect,” Aiden repeated, turning to look up at Sloth with a grin plastered on his face. The others looked twice as shocked but Lucifer had leaned back and chuckled at the happenings. “I finally have something that none of you do; I have the Princess.”

Levi processed his words slowly and chanced a glance at the others standing behind their respective Sins. Each of the other six weapons were all male, all Princes. She was the only woman among them.

A wicked smile curved across her face as she knelt before her Master. She had done what no other had ever done before; she had made Envy happy.


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