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Rough hands gripped and tore at her clothes. For all her screaming and slapping she did, nothing worked. She’d made the same mistake that she’d complained about the girls in horror movies made. The woods had looked so promising when her attacker was drunk and slurring his words.

Jane had suffered through years of hiking with her parents. She knew how travel and not get lost in woods. Already she had had the advantage over her horror movie counterparts. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter how drunk the asshole was, he was still built like a linebacker and was at least twice her size.

Which could explain why her attempts to get away from him weren’t working.

“Stop! Please! Don’t do this!” The smell of whiskey and wood chips filled her nostrils as the man pressed down. It was the wood chip scent that made Jane think of the lumber mill that was just outside of town. Her father worked there. She took the guys food when her mother made them all lunch.

His face wasn’t immediately recognizable but she hadn’t met all of the crew. This one was too busy making pig noises into her neck while ignoring her cries and attempts to get him off. His hands were pulling frantically at her skirt.

Every single touch combined with his piggish grunts and slurred words made her sick to her stomach and her skin crawl. Her horror at her own inability to get away vented itself in broken cries and the tears pouring down her face.

“Please,” she whimpered, pushing at his shoulders and trying to wiggle out from under him. It was futile but she didn’t want this to happen. Biting her lip, she mentally cried out for someone to save her. It was dark and they were in the woods; it was unlikely anyone would happen upon them now if her screams hadn’t brought anyone earlier.

When the man lifted himself to fumble with his pants, Jane had a single moment of hope. He wasn’t holding her down with his body anymore and she knew that it was probably the last chance she had. Digging the heels of her feet into the ground, she pushed and wiggled as best as she could. He was still perched on top of her but as drunk as he was; it was easier when he wasn’t hovering over her.

Once one leg was free from under him, she kicked him as hard as she could. Her foot collided with his chest and it felt like she had just attempted to punt a boulder. A jolt of pain shot up her leg but she nearly squealed in excitement when he toppled over regardless. The drunkenness was on her side for what seemed like the first time that night.

Scrambling backwards as quickly as she could, she barely managed to find her footing again when he lunged for her. A scream ripped from her throat as she was dragged back down into the dirt before she had managed to make it more than a few feet.

Clawing at the dirt, she didn’t care for the rocks and sticks that poked at her. They were familiar and far safer than the man dragging her back towards him. Though her panicked brain wasn’t processing anything he actually said, his tone sounded far angrier than it had before. If he had planned to rape her gently before, it wasn’t going to happen now.

Kicking out again with her free leg, she tried throwing whatever she could find over her shoulder at him. Rocks, leaves, sticks, and quite a bit of dirt were thrown haphazardly over her shoulder. Anything that did make contact rewarded her with a grunt of pain, or maybe annoyance, from her attacker.

A flash of white at the corner of her eye made her pause. Was someone there? Had they seen what was going on and chose to run away? Maybe they were running for help! Or maybe her mind was playing tricks on her.

Either way, the pause hadn’t helped her escape plan. He had managed to drag her close enough to get a good grip on her thighs. Her kicks had lost any sort of real strength behind them without the full motion of her leg. Jane looked fearfully over her shoulder as he began to drag her legs apart. Her skirt was in tatters and the underwear that she had on was no real barrier to this guy. Not when ripping her shirt and bra had come so easily.

Jane couldn’t keep herself from begging. Begging him to stop, to get away from her, and promising him that she wouldn’t tell; nothing worked. Just as her mind began to shut down in resignation, the flash of white was back.

Except it hadn’t been a person at all.

A white horse stood only about ten feet away, most of its body shadowed by the trees. Living in a mostly rural town made her no stranger to the creatures but she had never seen one quite like this. Its coat seemed to shine with its own luminosity, looking more like silver than true white. Its mane and tail seemed to move with a fluidity that rivaled water.

When her teary gaze locked with the horse’s dark one, Jane was sure her mind was playing tricks on her. Protruding from its thick forelock was a spiral horn. It looked so out of place on such a powerful animal up until the creature snorted and pawed the ground, lowering its head in agitation. The horn, so pretty and almost dainty, could have easily been considered a spike. It looked as dangerous as it did beautiful.

Her eyes stayed on the magnificent animal even as grubby fingers touched her most private area. Something about the creature filled her with a strange calm. The dark eyes held hers and seemed to say that everything was going to be okay.

Swallowing slowly, she nodded slightly and then the whole countenance of the horse—unicorn—changed. It went from being something so serene and beautiful, to terrifying all in the span of a few seconds. Raising up onto its back legs, it kicked out its front legs and charged.

Her attacker never saw the deadly horn headed his way. Not with how he was preparing himself and holding her underwear to the side. But the pounding hooves did eventually get his attention where the neigh hadn’t.

It probably saved his life.

Instead of being impaled upon the spiral horn, it only grazed him. The jacket and shirt he had been wearing was nothing in comparison to the unicorn and blood dripped from the horn and stained the silver coat.

Jane nearly laughed at the panicked way the man acted. She might have if she wasn’t still in shock over the whole thing. Her brain couldn’t quite comprehend what her eyes were telling it. But there was no other possible explanation than it was real.

A freaking unicorn had just saved her from her would be rapist. The creature was driving off the man who was in just as much shock as Jane was though she wasn’t the one that was being chased and jabbed at by a bloodied horn.

For a moment, the unicorn and the man disappeared into the trees. The strangeness of the forest began to creep in and she clutched the tatters of her clothes closed. Tears of fear and desperation were fading but she hadn’t stopped crying. Relief flooded her as she pressed her forehead to her skinned knees.

Sobs poured out of her harder than they had as the attack was happening. All of the fear and the adrenaline began to fade and she felt oh so wonderfully numb. Jane wasn’t sure when the creature had returned but there was a soft blow of air into her hair and she looked up.

Even with blood sliding down its horn to stand out in stark contrast to its coat, the unicorn was undeniably beautiful. It blew another huff of hair into her face before nosing her gently. If she had to guess, she would have thought that it was checking over her injuries.

When it stopped, Jane used one of the ripped pieces of cloth to wipe her nose before her hand tentatively reached out. Though the unicorn could spook, she wanted to at least touch it once. For a moment, she could have sworn that the damn thing rolled its eyes at her for how she was inching her hand closer. Solving the issue, the unicorn pressed its nose to her palm.

Without warning, a giggle bubbled in her throat as unexpected warmth filled her. Much like the calm from earlier, she believed that it was the magic of the unicorn.

“Thank you,” she whispered, gathering her courage to lean forward and press a kiss to the soft muzzle. Resting her forehead against the flat expanse of the unicorn’s face below its horn, she tried to bite back another sob. “Thank you so very much.”


School sucks sometimes. But I’m out now. And I”ll be finishing off these creatures asap.

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