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She couldn’t have heard that right. Pregnant? Alessia nodded as if she heard Cerise’s disbelief. It served to only make her shake her head more. It was impossible. They were stuck on an egyptianesque planet full of  men and where babies came from a literal baby garden. They had plant children; always male, always young, and always, always from the earth.  How in their hell could she be pregnant?

“How is that possible?” She looked down at herself. She didn’t show but that was inevitable. Then a new problem dawned on her. How was she going to explain it to Osiris?

Alessia’s hand came to rest on her hunched shoulders. She rattled off the mechanics of the literal question but that wasn’t what boggled Cerise’s mind. It was a planet void of women. Why would the men even have the ability to procreate. It didn’t make sense. She was far from a scholar but she knew a thing or two about basic evolution.

“Do you think there were women here before?” Noticing she cut off Alessia’s painful pregnancy talk, she gave the girl a small apologetic smile. “Why else could this,” she pointed at her stomach with raised brows and wide eyes, “be possible?”

Cerise watched Alessia mull it over. Alessia was great with the medical side of things but she doubted she knew anything more about Maltuhotep than she did. “We don’t know the history here so it’s possible.”

Alessia spoke softly as she handed a bottle of cloudy water to Cerise.  She raised it to eye level as Alessia explained what it was; various makeshift vitamins she managed to recreate from plants and who knew what else. “This will help with the any morning sickness and to keep your vitals up so you and the baby are okay. Drink a cup every morning and night.”

“Are you sure, sure?” It wasn’t like Maltuhotep had technology or a machine to tell her for certain. They were back to cave man days. “It’s possible the herbs mixed with the last pill I got to take messed up my cycle.”

She locked gazes with Alessia’s soft ones that confirmed everything she needed to know. As improbable as it seemed, it was possible. Yes, she was pregnant. Yes, Osiris was the father. And yes, she was going to be among the first of the women to give birth on Maltuhotep. She did have both Osiris and Alessia for support; that counted as two good things.

Like any woman caught by surprise, she told Osiris flat out; she was pregnant. Of course that turned into a thirty conversation on what pregnancy was and what it meant then another five minutes of him marveling at news that women could not only have a baby grow inside their stomachs, but they could give birth to them.

Where Cerise saw impending torturous child birth, he saw magic. He was all smiled till he remembered one threatening thing. He wasn’t allowed to have a child. The King and his royals didn’t foresee women crash landing on their planet but she was sure they would take the baby if they found out.

“We can’t let them know,” he murmured, pressing his palms to her stomach.

“I know,” she whispered back.

“We’re having a baby.”

She nodded absently. The concept was so foreign but it was real. She was going to be a mother and Osiris…”You’re going to be a father.”

It took a kidnapping, being forced to partake in some scientists’ experiment, and a new planet for her to find a family but there they were. Nobody was going to ruin it for them. Not the scribes, the princes or the king. It was their family and, based off the way Osiris stared down at her, she was sure he’d fight to keep it that way.