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Perched upon a cliff ledge, the great Roc looked over the valley for the last time. It had been his territory for many years. He had hunted in the valley, his chicks had hatched here, and it had been safe for the most part.

But the mortals were encroaching. No amount of terrorizing and hunting had managed to stop them. Now, it was too dangerous to get close to the villages. They had gotten smarter than he remembered. Weapons had been crafted to shoot him from the sky.

It was time to follow the rest of the magical beasts in the world behind the Veil. Humanity could no longer handle the creatures and races of magic. They refused to understand and hunted down all whole differed from them. All of the magic that humans held was thrown aside, giving life to the shadows in the world.

The Faeries created the Veil to protect all that humanity had begun to hate. It was another plane of existence for them, parallel to the one that the humans were driving them from.

Many of his kind had already crossed to find new territories but he had been among the stubborn ones. When the veil had first been created, his valley hadn’t had to worry about any humans. Very few had ever dared to travel so high into the mountains.

Things had changed as the years passed and now he had to say goodbye. His drive to survive was stronger than the drive to protect his territory. His gaze was hard and angry as he looked upon the villages that dotted the different ends of the valley.

Humans were ruining all that was good on the Earth.

Spreading his great wings, the Roc took to the air. An updraft carried him high into the sky while his wings drove him towards one of the few entry points of the Veil. It was said that the world on the other side was wild and untamed, a perfect place for magic to thrive. A perfect place.

The elves had promised him his own patch of territory. Though it had been years since he had seen any sign of them, he knew they’d still honor such a promise. Elven folk had been allies of Roc since the early beginnings of their races; he would not have to displace another Roc for his own space.

Just over the peaks that had lined his valley laid the closest portal. Only those with magic would have been able to see the entrance to the Veil. It shimmered and sparked with power, the image on the other side distorted by the powers that kept the portal hidden. Diving down, he brought his wings in towards his body and only spread them out again when he was safely through.

On the other side, the air was free of pollutants and the stink of humans. Rising high above the land, golden eyes took in this new world. It wasn’t his valley, or anything remotely like it, but here was where he would be safe.

This was home now.


And another one out! Eight more to go!!

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