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I can’t believe it’s Saturday! The red circle on the calendar kept me pumped all week. I cleared my schedule, set three alarms, and even gave myself pep talks. I went above and beyond normal levels of excitement only to oversleep on the day that would change my life.

The sheets slipped off the bed in my dash to kick start my very late Saturday. I left the keurig to do its job while I hopped and wiggled into my pencil skirt. The clock ticked past yet another lost minute and I groaned. He’d never invite me over again.

Twenty minutes later and I was sweeping my fiery red hair back into a neat bun. All the reckless attempts to make up for lost time whipped it into a frenzy. I checked the mirror again, mentally reminding myself to get my windows fixed, and nodded. I can do this. Liam was going to be there. Along with his entire family, the little pessimistic voice reminded me.

I shook my head. It was one day. So what if I had it quadrupled circled on my calendar at home and at work. It was one, single, day. As I rounded the rose bush, I marveled at the pristine of middle class suburbia. Wider streets, well paved driveways, gardens, freshly mowed grass, and no cars on the street. My dingy apartment was twenty minutes away and yet our worlds were vastly different.

“Kay,” Liam guided me inside with a boyish smile, “did you speed again?”

My nose scrunched in protest. My heavy foot came in handy and he knew it. “My efficient driving got me and these” I held up the box of birthday cake flavored cookies he begged me to pick up for sister, “here so no picking on me.”

“She’s going to love you.”

His arm wrapped around my waist as he pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Yea, well, I hope so.” His sister was the only immediate family member I had yet to meet. She kept to school, the city, and her friends. Family was the last thing on her mind despite how much they missed. Liam always looked distant when he talked about his little sister. He missed her.

“Hey?” He gave my waist a small squeeze. “You okay?”

“Mhm, I ju-” I paused at the sound of the doorbell. From the way he grinned, I knew the guest of honor was home.

Liam held back in favor of getting to be the last person she hugged. I could see their likeness. The hooded eyes, round nose, prominent cheek bones that any girl would die for and the infectious smile. She turned it on me and pulled me into a hug.

“It’s nice to see who will be keeping him in line.” She pulled back, the smile in full effect. “I’m Stephanie. Welcome to the Walters family.”

And just like that, I felt the engagement butterflies lift. The second most important person in Liam’s life accepted me. My eyes panned right at the sound of more embracing.

“Oh. Surprise! I’m engaged too.”

Liam and I stared openly at the newly announced couple. There was going to be two weddings in the future. Looking up at Liam, I saw all I needed. He was going to make the poor boy’s life a joyride from hell.