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What has it been?

Two months?


However long it was, I extend my deepest apologies to all of you.

Many of you came because of M.J. I know that, you know that, and she refuses to believe it. Typical writers. Am I right? They can’t accept the fact that their work is good. But this isn’t about how amazing she is (I’m her highly biased cheering squad), this is about you.

The longest break I think I’ve ever taken from WordPress was two weeks. By the third, I dragged myself to my laptop with yearning fingers and fresh determination. I hated leaving. I felt like I abandoned my work, my creativity, my characters, and most importantly, I felt like I abandoned you.

It’s not myself or M.J. that motivates me to keep coming back. At first, of course. I wanted to prove something to myself. I also wanted to build a platform for my writing since that’s what every aspiring author needs these days, but that was then. Now, I keep going because of you guys. Every visitor, like, follow, comment, and share means the world to me. I’m not just typing to nothingness. I’m not alone with my plot bunnies. Believe me, that is a huge relief.

So I thank you for sticking with me during my dry period. I also want to thank every new follower for attaching yourself to A Writer’s Alibi. It’s a crazy train but we try and make it fun.

If you ever want to toss an idea our way, do it. It can be a plot, prompt, names of places, people, or things..anything. It can even be about the format of the site or a logo. Whatever it is, comment. We love getting feedback.

Last thing and I swear I’ll leave you alone to go read a better blog. I’m kidding…but seriously, why are you still reading?


I’m back and in full swing. You know that schedule I made up forever ago? That’s out the window. It may or may not come back, I don’t know. I like the surprise; it’s like posting roulette with M.J. and I. Who will post today? Who will post first?

M.J. is diligently working on her creatures. School still sucks the life out of her but she’s trooping on. As for me, I returned to my own 100 Theme Challenge of sentence prompts. That’s my “I’m sorry” consolation prize for you all! You get to read my unfinished, unpolished posts. It’s great, I know. No need to thank me.

I’ll also be adding a few things to The Toolbox this month so keep on eye on that.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. Now go reward yourself with a good laugh (or you can read everything here…just a suggestion).

Without further ado, I leave this here for you to contemplate….