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He really had to borrow a cup of sugar. I’m by no means vain but, really? Sugar? That’s it?

“You can come in you know.” Maybe then he’d get the hint.

He shuffled in. I could hear his shoes hit the leg of the end table I’ve been meaning to move. He also didn’t close the door to my apartment. If I leaned over the kitchen counter I would see the stairwell and the packages over at 5C. I was tempted to just to draw out the moment. Who knew when mister green eyes would knock on my door again.

I placed the large jar of sugar on the counter and waved him over.


“No problem. Everybody needs sugar. One cup?” I went to get a cup I knew he’d have to bring back and froze when he got chatty. He wasn’t the one who wanted the sugar. His girlfriend did. No, fiancé.

My stomach sank to my feet as I drilled him with questions. When did they get engaged? What’s her name? How did he do it? One knee? Ring in a cake or something like that?

He opened more with every question while my hopes fell along with my stomach. Any idiot could tell he was happy. He loved the girl.

“Thanks again. I’ll run it right back.” He smiled and I squeezed my teeth together in a forced one till he left.

Sighing, I went back to the kitchen, put the sugar away, and took out the jar I tucked in the very back weeks ago. I had to get on the tip of my toes to reach it but I soon had it down.

I was stupid enough to put a label on it: Nina’s Sweet Attraction. It was a spell I tried the last time mister green eyes had bumped into me on the stairs in hopes it would bring him to me. That was three weeks ago and all I got was a sugar run.

I guess the genie rules apply. You really can’t make people fall in love with you.