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If she had the movement of her limbs, Leslie would have slapped herself across the face. Well, would have slapped herself after she escaped from what had become her dungeon. It would be her luck that she finally gets a good looking guy interested in her and he turned out to be an evil two-faced creature that was now fattening her up for a good family dinner.

“Did you know that humans are the fattiest meats in the world?” The smooth voice made her flinch as the figure stepped out of the shadows. His human face was undeniably attractive. He had been so charming and understanding when she had first met him. She could hardly contain her excitement that such a catch would pay her any attention.

Her friends had sworn up and down that he had to be too good to be true. If only they knew the truth. On the very slight chance that she figured some way out of her chains, she’d have to deal with their ‘I told you so’ attitudes for months on end.

As if she wasn’t trying to ignore him, he went on with his lesson in human flesh. Apparently, he preferred his prey as raw as it came but his sisters enjoyed it cooked a bit for the sake of the added spices. While he spoke, he massaged her body with various cooking oils that she recognized from her own kitchen. It might have been sexier if she wasn’t suspended by chains in the middle of the room.

Each time he turned around to pick up a bottle or fiddle with something or another, his hyena face gave her the most terrifying grin. It was all canines and animalistic hunger. She could barely remember the stories that her father had told her and her siblings about the Kishi to make them behave and never speak to strange men but suddenly she wondered if she should have put more stock into them.

“I can smell your fear,” her heart missed a beat when he spoke up again. His hyena face growled in what she assumed was amusement. The only reason she assumed as such was because the green eyes of his human face were definitely shining with amusement. “You give yourself away even as you try to stay strong in your silence.”

Leslie opened her mouth to argue but shut it with a small click when he started laughing. Both of his faces laughed at her and all she wanted to do was curl up and hide.

“Poor little Leslie,” he snickered, smacking her thigh with his open hand to get a yelp out of her. “All alone with no one even worried about you. They all think that you’re off the grid with your hot new boyfriend.”

Though she had already known her situation deep down, having the knowledge that no one was going to look for her thrown into her face hurt. The vacation was supposed to be two weeks long and she had at least a week and a half before anyone was going to start calling or looking around.

“You’re an ass Adrien.”

“No, I’m a Kishi.” He laughed at her again with a feral smile on his pretty face. Tears welled up in her eyes and she shut them to keep from giving him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. It was all she could hold onto anymore.

“Are you playing with dinner, brother dear?” A new voice broke her concentration and she stared at the golden haired beauty standing in the doorway. What looked like a hyena pup was resting comfortably in her arms. Ignoring the conversation, she locked eyes with that pup. Out of the group, it was the most harmless looking one in the room.

But there was no denying it was a wild animal. It’s curiosity was laced with hunger and had to forget everything about how cute it was.

“Change of plans, Leslie.” Breaking the staring contest with the pup, she turned wide eyes on Adrien who was holding up the key to her chains.

“You’re letting me go?!”

Her misplaced optimism earned her dark laughter from both of them and she shrunk back from Adrien. His fingers gripped her chin tightly and he smiled charmingly down at her. “Oh no, we’re not letting you go, not really. My nephew needs to practice hunting so we’re going to let you run when my other sister arrives.”

“Oh.” Now the pup sitting in the beautiful Kishi woman’s arms really wasn’t that cute.


Phew! There is my two for today! I may try and crank out another later. 🙂

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