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For the first time in over a hundred years, Tonenili was free. He stretched his great limbs and took his first breath of air. Coughing upon heavy air, laden with pollution and the scent of humans, he wondered exactly how long he was trapped within his own water pot.

While he rolled his shoulders to loosen the stiff muscles, he picked up his water pot. A great shaman had used a moment of inattention to trap him within it. Oh how he had raged when he realized that he could not call upon rains or use his powers as a god to escape his prison.

Now that it was in his hands again instead of holding him back, the power that he so missed filled him again. Even in this polluted land, he could feel the water in the air tremble as the Rain God called upon it again.

Somehow, he had been given to a woman as a wedding gift. By removing the lid on his pot and brushing away the ‘dirt’ that had been his seal, she had freed him. She had not been around to witness his first moments, instead of going to enjoy her reception outside of this strange tent.

Taking his pot as he left, he decided that he would not bring a downpour upon this event as a show of gratitude. She would get to enjoy her wedding in peace and he would walk the Earth again, unseen and with many years of fun to make up for.

It did not take him long to find somewhere to bring his first unexpected rains. Some sort of great gathering in an area called a ‘park’. Humans were everywhere; cooking, playing, and socializing. If not for the lack of homes, he would have assumed that this was only one village. Tonenili was slowly coming to the realization that the humans had grown exponentially in numbers since he had been imprisoned.

Once he found a comfortable perch to watch from, he brought a heavy downpour upon all of their heads. It was refreshing to feel the rain against his skin again, to smell the freshness of falling water, and to fill his water pot again so that he could constantly bring rains anywhere he went to cleanse the Earth.

Humans were such amusing creatures. So much time had passed and yet they still scrambled around like chickens when they were panicked. He openly laughed, the sound bringing a rumble of thunder that sent them into frenzy, and watched as they slipped around in an attempt to save what they could from his surprise downpour.

As always, he was sure that no one was truly harmed in his downpour. That would take all of the fun out of his tricks to hurt them. Too long had it been since he had walked among the mortals. He was glad that they had not changed much though. Children still enjoyed his rains until the thunder scared them to their mothers; the adults cursed the suddenness and worked to gather all they could before seeking shelter.

After a considerable amount of time for the humans, they had finally corralled all of the children and were traveling to shelter. He lingered long enough to snicker as they slid in the mud and the braver kids kept getting away to splash around but he did move on.

With all the changes that had occurred during his imprisonment, he decided that he would travel all around. He would cleanse what he could but the air was so heavy with toxins, he doubted that he would do much good in that aspect with all of his fun. It would still not hurt to try while he watched mortals scramble.

Maybe he would find the descendants of the tribes that originally worshipped him and bring a great rain to express his displeasure at what their shaman had done. But most of all, he wanted to enjoy his freedom again.


Mischievous Rain God? Check.

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