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How did the windows get so dirty? I wondered silently. I kept my hands, elbows, and purse as close to my person as possible. It wasn’t just the windows; everything about the place was filthy. Dishes were precariously stacked in the sink and overflowed to the adjacent counter space that was somehow free but that was on the low end of the eyesore spectrum. Jim was a hoarder.

“Why are we here?” I grumbled, stepping over what I convinced myself was a rug. “Doesn’t he have family or something?”

Danielle shushed me but it didn’t stop me. My heels were traipsing around a floor that probably had the next epidemic growing on it. I deserved an answer.

“Can’t we call a hospital? The government is responsible for the mentally handicapped aren’t they? Or did that law get recycled?”

“Beth,” she hissed.

“What?” It wasn’t like I agreed to help. I was the innocent one here. I was promised a day at the spa. Looking around, I shuddered. Jim was a hoarder with horrible taste. He actually used plaid curtains.

A muffled groan made me shudder for a different reason. It wasn’t fair. Why did I have to be part of the rescue team? If he wanted to suffocate under his piles of tacky junk, who was I to stop him? Unfortunately Beth didn’t see the world so simply.

“Beth, can you help?” She looked up but she didn’t stop her hurried flinging of junk. Jim really did decide to suffocate apparently. “Beth!”

Sighing, I carefully made my way over to the corner. “You owe me,” I reminded her for the twelfth time.

“Whatever. Hurry up.”

Hurry implied I was actually getting my hands dirty. Danielle shot me a look and I whined. Why did I have to be such an angel? Since there was no clean place to put my purse, I secured it at my shoulder and helped to dig out the rat.

It was nail breaking work but I did get the satisfaction of saying I found his matted hair. The idiot had been trapped for a day under that heap of crap. Danielle helped him to the bathroom and I helped myself to some well deserved hand sanitizer. If that didn’t count as charity, I don’t know what would.