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Month: February
Character: Demescus “Dreu” Wolf Jr
Entry: 27

“Drink!” They all shouted.

Dreu smirked. “It wasn’t a lie.” But he raised his shot glass up anyway and tossed it back with a shake of his head. He was the sober one out of the bunch thanks to his ability to lie like he breathed. They caught one and only one real lie. Any others accused as being one were solely him being a nice host.

“You never got that,” Stein slurred out.

Four heads bobbed in agreement with three of them nearly falling over from over doing it. Laughing, Dreu accepted the fact that they’d be sleeping their lying game off at his place.

“I can get anybody,” he pulled out his phone and after some scrolling, passed it over with a picture of the girl in question in his shirt. “Anybody.”

The guys took it, crushing together to see if he had anything without a shirt. Dreu chuckled and set to refilling their glasses. It was probably going to be their last round. Stein was well over his limit already, Dom was half alseep, Kris and David were holding on but he knew what their silence meant, and Oskar had fallen over twice.

“Last round,” he called out, earning him glares.

“Loud, shh,” Dom put a finger in his ear.

“Then get over here and drink up.”

Dreu leaned back. One by one they got back to their spots. Their hands were planted firmly on the table and each one stared down another. Dreu joined them and met Stein’s eyes. The guy across from whoever was telling their lie, or in Dreu’s case, the truth, had to be the first one to call out a lie. If the others agreed then the liar had to drink. So far Dreu had the advantage. He could lie, identify lies, Stein was horrible at reading people, and Stein was also very drunk.

Stein opened his mouth and within seconds, the lies were running. He made out with a hot tourist at the museum his sister dragged him to. Best day of his life. If only, Dreu thought. The guys knew it too. Kris, who was on his left, nudged him but Dreu shook his head. He’d let Stein have that one. If he called him out, Stein would probably pass out and then the fun would be over.

“Demescus Dreu Wolf!” Parties over, he thought, wincing at the sharpness of his mother’s disapproving voice. “What are you boys doing?”

Like the drunken idiot he was, Oskar grinned and held up his glass. “Lying our asses off, miss Eliza.”

“I see,” she said, striding forward.

Dreu expertly dodged the back of the head whack but the others weren’t so lucky. His mother got each of them and they were either rolling around like Oskar or had their head bowed, rubbing it the best they could while whining about it. She looked at her son who nodded. None of them were driving, not even him.

When she was finally gone, Stein picked his head off the table and groaned, “Buzz kill.”

Dreu nodded. Definitely was but he wasn’t about to tell her that. He’d be home schooled for a year if he was that stupid. She was sugar to everybody else but on home turf, she was a tyrant.

“I’ll drink you under the table another time,” Dreu said, smirking at the still groaning Stein.

“You’re on,” he mumbled back.