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I always knew this would come back to haunt me. Keep your mouth shut, they said. Go on with your life, they said. Nobody would ever know, they said. Three years ago made those idiots sound like geniuses. Not so much in the here and now. They didn’t have an invisible person moving things in their room around. I think. I don’t really know where or who they are.

Another one of my shoes thudded against the wall, nearly giving me a premature heart attack. God, maybe that’s what it wanted. A fourth and fifth shoe followed and I hunched every time. I’m fairly sure the invisible person was the mystery body I saw three years ago. So maybe I should have said something but I was fifteen, scared, and a push over. It wasn’t my responsibility. It wasn’t.

Whoever it was must be psychic because it upped its game. The lights started humming, tv flicked on and off, computer had the rainbow going on, and everything in my closet sounded like it was going through the eye of some storm. My cell burning my leg while simultaneously emitting a screech of hell was my breaking point.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry! Okay? Really, really sorry. ” I had to shout over the chaos but I think it got through. Things weren’t going haywire anymore. The tornado in my closet died down, the ringing stopped, and the lights returned to their normal silence. And that’s when I heard the chilling giggle.

No horror movie or gruesome video graphics had prepared me enough for this moment. I knew I was special. I also knew I neglected the so called gift like it would go away but it didn’t. No, it had a giggling ivory looking pair of ghost kids sitting on my bed with full face grins.

“Evan Carrol,” they said in unison, “we’ve come to collect.”

I ignored the sweaty palms and shaky knees. My body may have betrayed me but I was going to be strong. I wasn’t a punk.

“You stole a life that wasn’t yours,” the boy said.

“And now you’ll give what you love most,” the girl finished.

Joke was on them though. I didn’t love anyone or anything. My folks passed along with my grams all thanks to creepy stuff like this. All I had left was my good for nothing cousin, who I was perfectly fine with them taking. But then it hit me.

“What life?”

They clicked their tongues and wagged their long fingers at me. I guess I was suppose to know something.

“You could have saved, you stole life, now there’s a debt, and you are the price.” It took a second to understand their back and forth but eventually my eyes bounced from one to the other as they switched off.

“I didn’t-..” the stranger. That’s who I thought was haunting me. So it was a woman. “I don’t want to die.” Not yet.

They giggled and I felt that chill again. “You will reap and you will sow. That’s the job.”

Reap? “Like the Grim Reaper reap?” They nodded. “I’m going to be the Grim Reaper?!”

“You’ll here the call, answer before we do.”

They did the skin crawling giggle again then faded away, leaving a pool of black goo behind. Against all my better, admittedly freaked out, instincts, I moved closer to see what it really was. Goo didn’t bunch up. Did it?

No. No it didn’t. I held up the black jacket….or was it a shirt? There was a hood attached to the popped collar and a zipper that ran diagonally from the bottom right corner to the left shoulder. I looked down and saw a pair of cotton and leather gloves, pants, and yes, even shoes. Everything was black and everything had some leather involved.

I was going to be the coolest or maybe the lamest reaper alive. That was if they’d let me live. The creeper twins made sure to dodge that question. I hope it’s alive.