Ok, so maybe not EXACTLY nothing but it feels like it. Such is the result of a day of mundane chores. My list for today consisted of going through mail (old mail….Yay.Me. Feel my utter lack of joy?), shredding papers (and some of that old mail), putting junk mail and useless paper in a separate bag to be recycled (Why, oh why, does mail even exist. Ugh…), and laundry. I bet you expected more mail talk there.

Apart from the fun paper cuts and ring in my ears from the shredder, I got to figure out the difference between a simple DMV and Florida’s confusing motor vehicle system. I still don’t know why they can’t call themselves the DMV like everyone else, but, let’s move on to something uplifting.


In case you can’t see my reason for showing you this picture, let me point it out.

*circles the 97th post part*

Three posts away from a hundred! It may seem like the wind to you but to me it’s a graduating from high school. I started this crazy blog idea and now it’s almost a hundred posts old.

That aside, and this post over, I’m going to waste my day writing a decent story for my legacy family in the Sims 3. It’s still writing so I get a pass. Don’t judge me.