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“I keep having the same dream.”

“Is it of a hot guy with unusually long canines?”

I rolled over to my back to stare and proceeded to stare at her with a mix of disbelief and annoyance. Cousin or not, she was way too obsessed with the supernatural way of nonexistence creatures. Glancing past her, I saw why they were on her mind. The signature blue background of her latest favorite social media site was up along with what looked like gifs, many, many gifs.

Even upside down, I could make out the guys from one of those werewolf shows. They didn’t last long after I pointed them out. A few clicks later and the school’s site was back up. Shaking my head, I tried again, but this time I drew out the word “so” till she had no choice but to face me.

An unexpected gummi bear was pelted at me for it and thanks to my lack of luck, it got my eye. Not that she cared. She ignored my hiss of pain and one eye glower entirely.

“So finish. You keep having this dream about a hunk with long teeth. Then what?”

I think my glower turned into a full on glare. I was nursing an abused eye, admittedly making it worse with my constant rubbing, and she had the nerve to both ignore it and rush me like I was the one interrupting every time opened my mouth.

“I do not dream about fangs and fur,” I grumbled, “or hunks.”

Her mouth fell into a pout. It was stupid but I got a small, pathetic level of satisfaction from bombing that particular bubble of hers. And the best part? I got to go on without her butting in after every three words.

“It’s dark, a little foggy, and the sky is sparkling. Weird, right? Cause skies have stars but the lights in my dream aren’t stars. I don’t feel like they are. Well dream me doe-”

“Wait,” she started, cutting me off, “hold on.” As if I needed it, she held up a hand to make sure I got the message. She ate a gummi, I rolled my eyes, and we stared at each other. Finally, she let her hand fall. I waited. Nothing was ever that simple.

“You don’t dream of hunky, sparkly, creatures of the night but you see sparkling skies?”

And there it was.  “Not the point.” Far from the point since my dream self never got to find out what it was. “There  are things falling too. They look like stars but I don’t know.”

With a mouth full of multicolored gummi bears, she reminded me that this was a reoccurring dream. I was supposed to have things figured out by now. True enough except I didn’t and maybe that was why it kept replaying, so I’d learn whatever it was trying to teach me. Either way, I was stuck, but that wasn’t the part I wanted to tell either.

“Are you going to let me finished?” My answer came in the form of her swiveling around to face the computer screen. Typical Erin but if I didn’t take it then I’d never get to talk it out with someone other than myself.

“Are you ever going to get to the point of your boring dream?” She asked with clear disinterest.

No amount of gritted teeth or gripping the edges of my textbook helped anymore, and, frankly, I didn’t care. She only liked it when I was the one listening to her drone on and on about what stupid things like nail polish colors and who the hell Dean and Sam were but when it came to me, she was a narcissistic turd.

My books shut with more force than I meant them to in my haste to get away from her and her ego-centric universe. When the school roomed me with her, I thought, “how cool will this be.” I’d finally get to know someone on my dad’s side that wasn’t fifty plus. Bonus points went to not having to deal with some stuffy, anal stranger for a year. The me then was hopeful and stupid, thinking everything would be great.

I snorted and shifted my bag strap so I could better position my hood to fight mother nature. If only I knew better. Maybe then I wouldn’t be out in the rain, headed to the Pack on the opposite end of the campus, instead of cozy in my room.

So much for that.