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Glittering eyes watched as people went about their daily business. No one paid any mind to the cat lounging on one of the high walls but he watched their every move. This new modern era has made things easier for him. Humans lacked the strong bonds of community and yet were so connected. It was a beautiful contradiction.

It also made toying with them easier. Puppets danced better without the strings being cut by overly observant villagers.

Watching a particularly pretty little one walk by with her friends, he couldn’t help but enjoy how his kind had faded into mythology. No one truly believed in the power of cats anymore. They were just pets, nothing mystical about them. At first, such notions had been offensive but he’d come to take advantage of it. Being cute and friendly was much better at getting someone to pick him up then it ever had been before.

Lazily following after the schoolgirls, the cat jumped from one wall to another with a grace that humans only wished they had. Young ones were fun puppets. They were so full of turmoil and drama that could be preyed upon and twisted.

Hopping down to the ground with the help of a trashcan, he quickened his pace until her was right behind the group of girls as they stood at a crosswalk. Letting out a tiny meow, he batted at the strings coming off of his chosen one’s bag.

“Oh! Look!” As expected, the girls all looked at the sound of his meow. Though he wasn’t aiming for all of them, he was good enough to put up with the petting and scratching from each girl. His intended target was the only one who was graced with a purr though.

To his surprise, all the attention and affection disappeared when the little light told them that they could cross the street. Dumbstruck, he tried to figure out what was wrong. Getting girls to pick him up usually didn’t take much effort; a meow, purr, and a bit of rubbing against the leg and then he was golden.

As the chatter about ‘strays’ and the possible ‘diseases’ drifting back towards him, the hair on his back bristled with his anger and he let out a low hiss. He was no common stray! Besides, youkai did not get sick. Immunity to such common things was what made them so powerful.

They would pay for their insults. All of them and not just his initial target; he’d make his rounds to each and tear their lives apart at the seams.

Mind made up, he darted across the street and into the group of girls again. His mood for playing games was over and he went straight in for the kill. Rubbing himself against his target’s legs, he brushed his conscious against the girls as he let out another meow. Mind control without first being picked up was difficult but it helped.

Pick up the cat. His command was simple, coaxing, and he wove it so seamlessly in with her thoughts that there was no way she’d be able to tell the difference. It took a few precious seconds of coaxing before she finally gave in.

Her friends and their protests meant nothing once she finally gave into his magic. Once his feet left the ground, he reached up with one paw to gently pat her face before rubbing his face under chin. Those simple movements were only meant to solidify his grasp on his new puppet.

It wasn’t a very noticeable change but he knew the moment that her eyes went flat that he had sunken his claws in. They brightened again after a few moments but his deep purr gave away his pleasure. The continuing protests from her friends were brushed aside by both girl and feline.

Their turn would come soon enough. For now, he had sixteen years of memories and thoughts to rummage through before he began to turn this schoolgirl down a much darker path. Even the most innocent could be pushed with the right triggers.

Take me home. It was time to see where his base of operations was going to be for the next couple months.


Not liking this one either. I really struggled and I think it reads that way. Again, all of these pieces are unedited and raw.

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