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“What’s good for the goose na good for the gander.”

A Jamaican proverb that I hear and repeat to this day. Translated it means, What might be good for you may not be good for someone else and vice verse. Or, What works for someone else will not always work for you. Why? Because we think differently. We all may have identical evolutionary drives and instincts but our personalities vary. Goals are pursued differently, failure is seen differently, traumatic events are taken differently and writing is done differently.

The proverb can also be taken as luck being in one man’s favor but not another. That isn’t where this is heading.

When I started A Writer’s Alibi a year ago, I did a blog on what writing is for me. It was set and wrapped in a metaphor but my reason and opinion hasn’t changed. When I was young, writing was cathartic. I got to purge built up emotions with poems. I grew up, the poems continued and then they became stories or characters in roleplays. Still cathartic but with more creative, drawn out, and cleverly covered up methods.

Journals, diaries, talking it out….Not for me, thanks. I’m perfectly happy with my coping mechanism but what if that isn’t enough for you? I enjoy fiction, reading and writing it, however, that isn’t the only way.

If you struggle with your past or don’t see how it’s shaping part of your present then maybe writing a memoir would help and for those who aren’t so bent on being writers, a simple diary or journal will do the trick. The point is to get the thoughts, grudges, turmoil, etc out of your head. You can do lists, paragraphs, first person, second person, third person, letter style, vague or detailed. So long as it works for you, the process can’t be wrong.

The original first chapter of Forebode (now taken out and rewritten) was done post break up. It was a hard time for me and I turned to writing. Within minutes I had an emotionally charged sequence that I couldn’t look at for roughly a year. It wasn’t meant to be anything but a rant and yet, it became Forebode’s anchor; writing is mine.

It is cathartic.

It is therapeutic.

It is freedom.

It is transcending.

What’s writing for you? How do you cope with stress? Conflict? Unresolved issues?