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sunset-1097625_960_720Month: February
Character: Demescus “Dreu” Wolf Jr.
Entry: 24

His mother’s hands weighed heavily on his young shoulders. She had taken a knee to get him to look at her but his head nor eyes lifted from the scuffed toes of his shoes. It was hard enough hearing her gentle voice. She wanted him happy which made him only feel worse.

“Dreu, are you sure?” She asked softly. The extent of her pain was lost on his five year old ears but he knew it was there. It was in the pauses she took, the calm way she spoke, the touches. It all put more on him. “Dreu?”

“Mhm,” he hummed, bobbing his head.

The shuffling of the office started up again. A man came over and talked to his mother about paperwork but she brushed him. “Demmy, you need to look at me.” He tried ignoring the stern undertone to no avail. As guilty as he felt he didn’t think it was a smart idea to disobey his mother when she was being serious. “Who do you want to live with?”

Tears stung his eyes. He shook his head to will them away and ended up getting a good shake.

“Answer me young man.”

Shifting from one foot to the other, he swallowed. He curled and uncurled his little fingers. This was it. He had to do it.


“Daddy,” he said as loud and strong as he could. “I want Daddy.”

The quiet that settled made his stomach twist. Her hands fell from him leaving him to feel as alone as he thought he was. His father was bad. He kept other women around, lied, and made his wife cry. He stayed around scary men but none of that took the edge off. Dreu knew about his father’s secret women and the lies and stayed quiet. He was just as bad.


“Ms. Rother, we can do this another time.”

“Right…” her voice faded out as she stood behind her son. Her hands found his shoulders again and she did her goodbyes. The papers were going to be drawn up. Decisions had to be made. Senior had to be contacted and the boy…Dreu looked up at the pudgy man. He knew who “the boy” was.

“Based on what we know, custody will be granted to-”

“We will respect his wishes.” Her grip tightened slightly. Dreu tilted his head back to see her in all her strength. He never stopped the bad things from happening but he’d try harder. He’d make sure she didn’t cry anymore because of his father. He’d do better.

His mother gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze and led him out. The pudgy suit didn’t say bye. The chatty girl at the desk didn’t offer him sweets. The usual smile and promise for ice-cream didn’t come. He looked up at the large gold sign and twisted his mouth to one side. Lawyers were just as bad. Lawyers, police, and scary men in leather jackets.

“I’ll take you to your Grandmother’s.”

His head bowed again.

“Your father will pick you up from there.”

Her hand found his. She held tightly even after they got to the car. His mother, his protector…he didn’t deserve her.


I’m actually not happy with this but one promise I made to myself was to never scrap a piece. Everything you read here is meant to be rough. There is no thorough editing so if you see a spelling error, accept it. Grammar makes you twitch? Believe me, I’m a twitch away from a seizure, so I understand. What matters is that the words get out and the goal for the day was accomplished.

© 2014 Maura D.