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“This game isn’t funny anymore darling, please let me go.” Curling her fingers around the bars of her cage, Ayaka batted her eyelashes up at the man who held her captive. He’d been quiet for the most part but all she needed was one little slip on his part, just one.

He had done his research well and had placed seals on the cage to keep her from escaping. With four tails, she wasn’t exactly an easy kitsune to keep caged and it took serious magic to do so. If she had just one more tail, the wards would not have been able to hold her or restrict the use of her magic. Changing into a human form was about the extent of what she could do.

The manner of her capture made her fur bristle in rage. She presided over a small area, and she protected the people who lived there and gave them blessings. In return, they left her small offerings at the shrine. It was on her way to see the birth to one of her most loyal human families that the attack had commenced.

When she awoke again, she was in this cage and far from home.

“Darling, please let me out. We can play if you do.” She drew out the whine, looking as forlorn as she could manage. Because she rarely needed to use it, her skills in seduction were a bit rusty but she was wearing down slowly on the man. Shifting to expose her leg all the way to her thigh, she pouted up at the man.

His eyes slid over the newly exposed skin and Ayaka fought to keep from smiling smugly. Men were still men and could be tempted. It was beneath her to beg a human but she would do it to earn her freedom again. Her kind weren’t meant to be caged. They were freedom in the purest of forms and she took great offense at being stuck behind the bars.

When she was free, they would know the true power of one of Inari’s kitsune.

“Just open the latch, I don’t like this cage.” She pressed the palm of her hand against the door, only tearing her hand away when the wards on the other side sparked against her flesh. With a hiss and fake tears welling in her eyes, she drew back and looked pathetically up at the man.

He was torn, she could see it in his gaze, and she wished that she was not stripped down to just her most basic of powers. Finally, he began coming forward and she shifted closer to the door again. A beautiful smile curled across her lips when he began to reach out.

“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” Blinking in surprise, Ayaka’s gaze moved from the door and her freedom back up into his eyes. Gone was the confusion that she had caused and she was left with a man with nothing more than the profit she’d bring in on his mind. “We had these seals made especially for you; I can see right through your tricks.”

The realization that all her work had been for nothing brought out the rage that Ayaka had been holding back. Launching herself at him, her hold on her human form began to waver. The dark glossy hair began to bleed red and her nails lengthened into claws as she bared fangs at him. His answering chuckle only sealed his fate.

“When I get out of here, you will be the first to die.” She snarled, eyes flashing gold. They could not keep her here forever and at her first chance, he and his associates would die. “By Inari, I swear that I will skin the flesh from your bones.”


This was fun to write but it came out later than I wanted. I let myself get distracted. Sorry guys!

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