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The sky was so heavy I could almost touch it. Or maybe it was my busted lung. Probably the ribs too. Between breathing and just lying there, the sky was the only bright spot left and even it turned on me.

Laughing hurt but I couldn’t help it. The irony was too blaring to not appreciate. That very sky was once the window I viewed humans through.

Lucifer wasn’t the type of guy I would have Fell for but I understood his obsessions. I used to sit between the heavenly fields and the space the humans monitored to watch them. They were weak, tainted, imperfect and yet we watched. They were granted a life to do as they willed and they took nose dives. I often wondered if they knew what it meant to have such a life. My body then couldn’t ache or yearn. My thoughts were the only things that gave me pause and now, I question them. Could I have been wrong?

Hearing a snort, I forced myself to at least turn my head. A fire spread through my chest because of it but I smirked through it. I thought my solitude would have gone on a little longer.

“Good thing angels bounce.” Out of all the Fallen Ones, he would be the one who found me. Him and his sneering. “I was sent to scrape you up but this is too priceless to not enjoy. The great Teon has fallen from grace”

The dark amusement in Emil’s laughter grated my already bleeding nerves. He wasn’t just enjoying my torture, he was revelling in it.

“Stop wasting time.”

Mitra. The unmistakable resentment in her voice always gave her away.

“Can you tell me that you hate the sight of a broken and bloody Teon?”

“We have orders.”

“Yeah, yeah….” Emil groaned.

He hauled me to my feet but it was no use. My body was far from capable of withstanding even a gust of wind. I really was a mess. I didn’t need to hear their back and forth about how pathetic I looked. I felt it. Needing their help was a blow to my already shattered pride.

I was neither mortal or angel. Unlike Mitra, there was no returning home for me but I wasn’t ready for the other darker option. I did not give up everything to be Lucifer’s minion. I was going to secure a new future. I was going to start a new order. But first I had to be seen as weak….their delusions would be my greatest strength.