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Dislodging her jaw from the flesh and bones that she’d just crushed, the hellhound lapped at the blood that poured from the wounds. Her saliva kept the nerves of her prey active, drawing out more pain and suffering. Though it wasn’t what she aimed for during her hunts, this wasn’t a hunt.

Her master had ordered the pain of the human to be drawn out and she followed his orders. Doing her task well meant that she may get to take the human back for a meal. Finding another expanse of skin and bone that was intact, she clamped down. The bones gave way under her teeth and another whimper rang out.

The sound was disappointing. Her master liked it when prey screamed but no matter what she did, no sound louder than a whimper would come out. Even when she sunk her teeth down to find the femur, the only sound she heard were agonized whimpers.

Snarling, she bit down harder in frustration. Her orders were to prolong suffering, to keep the pain that he had already inflicted from fading into the numbness. But she did not have the abilities that the demons did, that her master did, and she could not keep him alive. Already the scent of death was washing over the human.

Sniffing along the bloodied torso to be sure, she growled again and watched as the eyes of her prey flashed. If he died or not didn’t matter, her stomach rumbled with hunger and holding back was difficult. She also had her own pups to feed. This human would be good for them.

Leaving the prey, she made her way over to her master. Sitting down and letting out a low whine, she waited for his attention to shift towards her. She couldn’t finish the kill without his permission. The demon Azazel had been her master since she was a pup and she’d witnessed what happened to those who displeased him.

But she never did. She was a good hellhound.

His hand came down onto the top of her head and began to scratch the spot behind her ears. He was not one to pet or scratch often but she must have done a good enough job to have earned his rare affections.

Her eyes stayed on his face while her leathery tail shifted from side to side. He had been decorated in the blood of their prey, she had done her best in prolonging the suffering, and how she wanted to end it so that she could take him back to feed her pups.

Azazel didn’t speak for a few moments and she shifted in impatience. Some parts were better while the prey was still alive. She wanted a meal before death stopped the heart.

Her ears perked when Azazel stood, giving her a final scratch behind her leathery ears. Movement was good; movement meant she was going to get a new order. His eyes were focused on the human but it had changed to that look that he got when he was no longer interested.

“Eat.” The command came with the tone she had grown familiar with. He didn’t care what she did with the human anymore; whatever Azazel needed from the human was done. As she approached her dinner, tongue lolling in eager anticipation, she took pleasure in the fear that had reignited in his eyes. Her master had taught her the enjoyment of causing fear and it made the kill much more satisfying.

Once she had taken the parts that she wanted for herself, she took hold of the body and began dragging it towards the opening to Hell. Her master had been kind enough to leave it open for her and now her pups would sleep with stomachs full of their first taste of man.


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