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We have motivation!

Yes, that’s right, motivation, but not in the way you’re thinking (or maybe you’re spot on). I’m talking about the gooey goodness (or badness if you prefer) that motivates a character to achieve their goals.

Motivation affects decisions, behaviour, and plot. It can give color and depth. It’s what makes a hero or heroine strong and worthwhile. If Harry never had a major, world stopping goal would he have been so interesting? Would his morality be so endearing if it wasn’t driving him to fight evil in all its various manifestations?

With motivation, conflict and tension are easier to hammer out. The plot suddenly flows with dialogue. Interactions are done with confidence because you know what the character wants.

Or maybe you don’t.

Ask yourself, what motivates me? Then, jot down five goals. When you’re done, see how your motivations coincide with your goals.

Not the easiest thing to do but when you are able to figure out your own goals and drives, figuring out what a character wants, needs, and yearns for becomes clearer but if you rather not go through self-reflection then see our motivation list under The Toolbox.

As writers, we understand how hard it can be to plug-in the smaller details when all you want to do is get the story out. That is why we try to add our two cents when inspiration strikes thus the creation of The Toolbox and its sub-entries.

We hope our efforts can help at least one person.

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