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Humans are dull creatures. Caught up in their ever repeating circle of lies and troubles, they failed to see that they were always making the same mistakes over and over again. Each monarch claimed they’d be better than the last, bring prosperity to the land and end the suffering of the people.

Politicians always could spout pretty lies. Not one of them in all of these years had managed to fulfill every promise they had made. The people who lived under the rule of the monarchs didn’t seem to realize that though. A couple of improvements, maybe one promise was followed through, and the people adored their monarch enough to forget about everything else they promised.

Eventually, the problems would rise again just in time for a new King or Queen to pacify them with another temporary fix.

It had happened so many times that it was beginning to be hard to keep up. A leader should never make promises that they couldn’t fulfill. After all his years caged for the leisure of the human courts, it was the one thing that he had come to realize.

Wyverns were a solitary race, only coming together to mate and raise the young after the eggs hatched. They never had a leader or someone to rule them and so the way that the humans did things had been fascinating at first.

But it had grown old. Wasn’t even worth the attention but with his prison situated above the throne, it was all he had to watch anymore. He’d been reckless when he was captured. The King who had led the hunt caged him in the prison of glass and iron; a sturdy cage. He would have preferred to have died then to be turned into a living prize. The monarchs used him as a way to keep their thrones. They’ve claimed that he blessed their rule, that he chose each new monarch.

Stupid humans, as if any self-respecting wyvern would bless any human ruler. They were snacks, not equals. Besides, they didn’t even bless their young. The course of life gave little meanings to blessings. It shaped creatures, wyvern and humans alike, and they could do nothing but wait for death to bring peace.

He had watched the lives of many kings and queens, the rises and falls of the so called greats and the little moments of wonder in families. It had been centuries since he had been free, since his wings were able to feel the drafts of the wind. His captivity had caused his scales to fade and his toxins to lose their potency.

What he needed was a true human, a true monarch to bless. One that had a chance to really make a difference, that he could communicate with and earn his freedom. Not any of the fools that had come and gone, faded into their histories. They weren’t worthy.

His ruby eyes blinked lazily, taking in the current group of royals. There was a chance that one of them would grow to be the one needed. Maybe the newest addition, the babe. Victoria could be the one; Queens were often more soft hearted towards his plight than the kings. The last ones were already controlled by a male of the family, he needed to wedge himself into place before anyone else.

His visage had been used in their coat of arms, which was a higher honor than he would have given them before his capture. Now he just had to hope Princess Victoria was able to rise to the throne. Her father and his brothers needed to get out of the way first.

After so many years, he could play the game of politics as well as any of them. Maybe he’d break his rule of silence to put the woman on the throne. It wasn’t going to be difficult at all.

If all went well, he’d only have to suffer through eighteen more years of imprisonment.


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