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Holding on for dear life, Serena couldn’t do more than pray that this would be over soon. She was terrified of heights. Actually, petrified was a better word for it. It wasn’t something that she liked to share but one was supposed to be able to tell loved ones anything. Loved ones were supposed to be understanding and supportive.

Not throw her on the back of a hippogriff with a wave and highly amused ‘have fun’.

When she was back on solid ground and could stand again, she was going to kill Bret. She liked to admire the herd that he looked after from afar, maybe even help feed them. But she had never been interested in riding one. Putting aside her fear or heights, the herd belonged to those with the Gift, not normal humans. Riding one without permission was bound to get them both in a lot of trouble.

All of that seemed unimportant though as the creature below her flapped it’s powerful wings, gaining more altitude. Bret had said that this female was one of the best-behaved in the herd but she didn’t think so. The damn thing kept going higher and higher, no matter how much she begged the creature to land.

Clutching tightly to the neck of the hippogriff, Serena buried her face in the feathers in an effort to keep from looking down. Ten feet off the ground was too high and the last glimpse she dared to take put them above the trees. She knew how to ride horses so riding a hippogriff should have been easy. Unfortunately, all she could think about was the possibility of falling to her death.

“Please,” she whimpered, holding back tears as best as she could. This was not her idea of fun and Bret was cruel for doing this. He was supposed to be her best friend, someone she could go to for anything. Right now, he was right up at the top of her tormentors. Probably above all of the others considering that she didn’t care about the people who made fun of her like she cared for Bret. “I’ve had enough. Please take me down.”

She wasn’t sure if the creature understood her or not but the wind that whipped around them slowed. After a few more terrifying minutes, the reassuring sounds of the herd reached her ears. The landing wasn’t quite as jarring as she expected but she was also clinging so that she wouldn’t fall.

As the wings of the hippogriff came in, Serena allowed her grip to loosen. They had landed. It was safe now. The ground was only a couple feet away. Falling down would sting a little but it was no longer life threating.

Once her steed came to a complete stop, Serena was more than ready to get down. Her slide off of the back took her straight to the ground and tried to get a hold of herself. She was shaking so bad that she didn’t think her limbs could hold her even if she tried.

Tears of relief and fear welled over then. That had been awful, so very awful. The crying seemed to alarm the hippogriff and it turned to nudge gently at her with its beak. It was gesture of comfort that she couldn’t just swat away like the angry part of her brain was telling her to. The hippogriff wasn’t at fault, it didn’t know.

Wrapping her arms around the creature, she cried out all of her emotions into its neck. Bret’s voice didn’t make it through the emotional haze, even when it went from amused to worried in less than a minute. Right now, she couldn’t even deal with him. Not after what he made her go through after she shared her biggest fear.

But when she was ready to deal with him, he’d better have something better than a simple apology. If not, she’d bet that she could figure out a way to make him live his biggest fear like she had to. It was only fair.


My brain is fried after writing Griffin. It’s not that long but it’s kinda cute.

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