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Heat, need warmth.

It was too cold in the tunnel, too wet. As great as the king of snakes was, he still needed heat. His blood was still cold and the chill left him feeling sluggish and annoyed. A slow trek to the surface would solve his problem.

But he had to be careful. It was the time at which he was slow enough that an intelligent being could attack. There weren’t many who dared go for Basilisk but there were always foolish beings in the world.

Moving over the smooth stone of the tunnel took more effort than usual, a testament to how long he had stayed in the abandoned tunnels. The two legged had abandoned a perfect home for the basilisk and his offspring. Here they could thrive in safety.

Once he made it out and into the morning sun, the basilisk curled his great body on a large boulder. It held warmth of the day before and began the process of warming his body and getting his blood running better while the sun rose higher into the sky.

It was not long until the young, the future rulers of snake kind, had emerged and claimed their own rocks. They were not strong enough yet to kill with their gazes but their poisons were potent enough. The king did not fear for their safety, not when there were enough that losing one meant nothing. A loss but not a huge one.

How long he had basked in the sun was beyond his capabilities to understand. He only moved when hunger pushed him to do so. It had been days since his last meal. Slithering quickly through the underbrush, his tongue flicked in and out in search of prey.




Two legs

They were the immediate beings that he could find in the area. The first two were so common, so easy, that they did not even interest him. A fawn was plenty big enough for him to last a couple days but the scent was that of a male fawn.

No, the most interesting prey was the two legs. It had been a long time since any had come so close to their home. In fact, he could not remember the last time he had actually seen one.

For the unfortunate two legs, it made it them the prey of the day. The female was unaware of the danger that followed her but the basilisk was fine in taking his time. There was much to tell from tasting the air and following the heat of the two legs’ body. She was young and not very big, it would not be hard for one of his size to digest her.

Slowly slithering over a log, his tongue flicked out again. If had the capabilities, he would have smiled. The two legs had tired and stopped traveling, making her easy prey for the king of snakes. Half his size and vulnerable, she made for an easy snack.

All he needed was one look.

One little look and she was his.


Honestly, this isn’t one of my favorites. I had no idea how to write as a snake! Writing as the victim would have been too easy and I wanted a bit of a challenge.

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