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Over the coarse of the past week I’ve picked up Forebode for different reasons other than writing and editing. NaNoWriMo was a tremendous boost. It motivated me in ways I thought were impossible but that event is long gone. I put down Forebode and haven’t given it a chance at freedom since.

I can blame timing, family, health, stress but the real problem was me. Countless amount of time and energy went into every word I foolishly sped through, leaving me with the question of, “What now?”

It wasn’t just a writer’s block I was confronting, it was uncertainty – uncertainty about the beginning, middle, and end.

How was I supposed to write through that?

So I went to the bookstore and I sat on the floor in front of the same display for an hour and a half. I walked out with three books, adding to my writer toolkit: You Can Write A Novel, The Plot Whisperer Book Of Writing Prompts, and Writer’s Guide To Character Traits.

The one I’m focusing on is, You Can Write A Novel.

After carefully reflecting on what helped me in the past, I came to terms with needing a coach that will force me to look at things from the beginning, the middle, and the end. I needed someone to toss a new perspective my way.

Now I’m in the training stages again. I’m working on meeting Forebode for the first time.

What is it? Who is the hero? What does the villain want? What’s the arc of the story? What’s the ending? Middle? Subplots?

All important questions and even more valuable answers. I’ve gotten the outline down which leaves me with time to rebuild my relationships with the characters that make up Forebode. That’s also where I am in You Can Write A Novel; it makes things easy to focus on when I can’t move on without completing the task at hand.

I’m going to leave you with a rough sketch of Forebode for now and return to giving each character a full work up. I may or may not give a review of the books as I use them. We shall see.

Working Title: Forebode
Category: yA, Urban Fantasy
Sketch: A quest for self riddled with strife, loss, and conflict. The Guardian of Gates draws on evil around her to recover memories and power, protecting those she cares about and saving the world of the living from damnation.