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Month: January
Character: Leora Devereux
Entry: 22

Five minutes was the allocated adjustment period Sergio begrudgingly agreed to. It took pleading from Tori, and a bit from herself, but together they squeezed that much out.

Leora leaned forward till her nose was a breath away from the mirror. Since she woke up, the change had taken over. Her mouth looked the same, set in an almost there smile, and her nose remained. The smooth, warmly kissed complexion was nearly gone, her hair was a rich red hue that shined under the dimly lit bathroom light, and her face took on a dangerous beauty to it. It was the churning red hues of her eyes that scared her.

This is it. I’m a vampire.


She pulled back from her reflection with a small smile, mumbling a hey of her own. Rayne looked like he took to the change better than she had. He was glowing, if that was possible.

His arm curled around her, distracting her from her obsessive attention to detail. “You look hot.”

“I look like a fangirl.”

“A hot fangirl.” He smiled at her pout and gave her a light squeeze. “Point is, you’re safe.”

“For now.”

“Forever. Tori won’t let anything happen to you. Neither will Sergio. You’re part of the clan now.”

It was the truth but she couldn’t shake the small weight of doubt. Her mother had found ways to get to her before. The Witch wanted to finally close the deal she made with her mother all those years ago. A soul for a soul. With the deadline looming, becoming a vampire seemed like the only solution. Rayne, Tori, and even Case agreed. They knew it was the only way to keep her alive but she didn’t expect her mother to give up so easily.


“Hm?” She hummed absently.

“I promise, you’re good.”

She offered up a nod but deep down she prepared for the worst. If the change didn’t kill her for a third time, her mother possibly would.

© 2014 Maura D.