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Walking through the halls, Euryale smiled almost gently at the men who frequented her palace. They ranged from great heroes to brave nobles and a peasant here and there. She remembered all of their names and admired their strength and beauty.

Humming under her breath, she slipped her hand into one of the Roman heroes who had come to her. A tall fellow, with sharp features and dark eyes that made her heart flutter. She led the dance as the music was for her ears alone before setting him back down on the other side of her throne room. The stone was light with her strength but it wasn’t fair to the others to show too much favor.

Why did her sisters always destroy the men that came to them? Both Medusa and Stheno were so cold. Euryale didn’t want to be like them. She preserved the strength and beauty of those who came, keeping them all for her enjoyment.

Then Medusa had to go and get herself killed. The fool played right into the hands of Perseus. Unfortunately, she was the only one who had to live with mortality. It was her curse for being the most beautiful in her human life, to be able to die.

Looking down on her precious statues, the smile on her lips darkened. They were hers and just as she and her last sister had faded into myth, so had the countless men who had come to slay them. The dark amusement of their mistress awoke her darlings and they slid against her scalp and against her neck with affectionate hisses.

“Now now, mommy is contemplating how to bring more fun to our halls and you’re being distracting,” she pressed a kiss onto one slender hair and soon all of her snakes were vying for attention. Over the years, she had grown comfortable with her immortality and the snakes that Athena turned her hair into were such lovely companions that she hated when they grew so bored.

There had been no visitors for nearly a hundred of years and all the men in the palace were cold marble; beautiful but unfeeling and without the dark temptations that flesh brought. As much as she adored her great, strong heroes and valiant princes; she wanted something more to alleviate her boredom.

But that was impossible without hiding her snakes and covering her gaze. That very idea made her cringe with disgust. Hiding herself from humans was so far beneath her that it was dancing with Hades.

Sighing deeply and running a hand through her thick bunch of snakes, she rested her chin in her hand on the wide arm of her throne. Not far from her on that side was another of her favorites, a Prince with his sword and shield raised as if that would save him from eternity at her side. The audacity and stupidity of humans never ceased to amuse her and yet their bravery kept her from destroying them as her sisters did.

To smash them exhibited an amount of cruelty and lack of respect that she found abhorring in her sister.

The longer she gazed at the Prince, taking herself back to the time that his kingdom spanned further than the eye could see, the more an idea began to form in her head to bring someone living into her domain. She was still a woman with needs and her snakes would enjoy someone to torment that wouldn’t begin to cause damage once they hardened into marble.

Then again, the only issue was when they looked at her. If she wouldn’t hide from them then she’d just have to make sure that they couldn’t see her. All it would take is gouging out their eyes and it would be a perfect arrangement.

Or she could be a bit gentler about it. Gouging caused a lot of damage, could kill and she didn’t want to clean up all that blood either.

“Well,” she ran a single finger down the length of the snake that had curled around her wrist to get it to let go, “I think it’s time I use the internet for more than shopping.” Standing up, she strolled over to her Prince. He didn’t particularly need all of his finery anymore and she could bolster her bank account a little by selling pieces of history.

Carefully she grasped one of his necklaces and focused. It took a lot out of her to return even an inanimate object to its original form from marble, a gift that the Goddess never thought she’d figure out at the time of the curse. So she was quick to stop once the necklace was shining in its gold splendor again.

“Thank you darling,” she pressed a kiss into the cold cheek of her Prince once the necklace was free. Twirling it around in her fingers, she nearly skipped through the halls towards the section of her palace that she had converted to keep up with modern times. The internet was her guilty addiction as of late and she had taken to selling some of the old things that she had lying around.

Humans paid so much for the history that she had preserved that she had taken full advantage of it. Plopping down, she stretched for a moment and smiled. “Come babies; let’s learn a new way to blind someone.”

Her kingdom needed a bit more life besides herself. Until she could do it without causing a big mess, she’d just have to settle for her statues and inviting her sister over for dinner. Stheno wouldn’t mind joining her in learning new and interesting ways to play with the humans.

Euryale smiled again as her computer came to life, her gaze moving towards the phone not far from her. Maybe she could make this a family affair.


Euryale has gone a bit insane. This one is late after Word crashed and took my original Gorgon post with it. It took me awhile to get the energy to write a new one.

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