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Challenge Day 3

They say a monster lives in those hills. Wise men keep away. If they need to travel they take the longer route but the world is full of fools. Whims and arrogance are more common than wisdom. In turn, death is more common than life.

The sharp, metallic smell of the breeze answered the question of whether or not the monster cared for trespassers. Such a scent of warning goes unnoticed by the mediocre senses of man. Of the ten fools I shadowed, five went in and I bet their bones won’t be the only ones scattered in the crevices of those hills.

There is a way to decipher man from beast. Man has flaws, emotions, clouded judgment. They are either careless or careful but they can always be caught. Beasts have raw power, instincts, an innate drive to survive. In the end, they are unpredictable while man falls victim to predictability. That is why the rash actions of the hunting party will lead to wasted lives.

The men huddle and I wait, thinking again on the land’s rumor. They say a monster lives in those hills but they do not know what it is. A monster…..is that what I am? My claws ache to be released. Is that what makes me a monster?  My appearance? My claws and teeth make me no different from the men that ride through the night in search for war and women.

There is a monster.

He is a beast.

He hungers, he thirsts; he is me and I, he.

My brother’s growl will soon fill the air. Till then, I wait. I the beast and he the monster.