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Hurrah! Hurrah! I’m all caught up! Pardon me while I do a victory fist pump.




Okay, I’m back. Did a couple extra just cause I could.

Last week I announced the writing challenge I took on – 100 setence prompts – and out of those 100, I’ve successfully completed two. “A Riddle Fun” was a surprise to write. The direction my fingers swept me in was one that left me feeling like I really went somewhere. It wasn’t my typical mythological plug in that happens more often than not.

Beware A Trice” would be one of those more often moments. Despite my obsession with creatures and folklore sneaking in, the prompt grew and bloomed into a piece that hints at mythological creatures being from different planets and warring with one another. Once again, I surprised myself. I admit to struggling through it but the end result satisfied me to the point that the near hair pulling frustration was worth it.

M.J. is currently fighting against pulling out her hair. The holiday season, family mix set her posting back. She’s been diligently plotting and typing in all the spare time she can steal. School is back in full swing so that time may be harder to come by but she is working on getting the rest of the 100 creatures up as quickly as she can.

While patience is put to the test, I want to touch on something I’ve been seeing around WP.

I’ve noticed quite a lot of bloggers dedicating posts to bullying. It is a universal problem that plagues everybody, from the bullee to the bullied, but I’m not going to go into the psychology of either. What I want to get across is that it is wrong. Nobody should be made to feel less than what they are, a fellow human being.

Despite popular belief, bullying isn’t exclusive for school aged children. Bullies are of all ages, races, and nationality which means adults are susceptible to being bullied too. If you’ve been receiving negative feedback that feels more like an attack than criticism then brush your shoulders off, delete it, and remember that’s just one person versus the many who do support you.

Recently, I received a notification that a WP blogger not only mentioned me but reviewed me. It was short but effective. I was seconds away from having my writing style labeled as crude and childlike.

It was a wake up call for me. I remembered that I didn’t start A.W.A. to get rave reviews. I wanted someone to call me out and , well, someone did. So, after the heat behind my ears cooled to a functioning level, I dove back in. I’d show her. I’d prove to myself once more that I’m not some pathetic novice with a slippery grasp of the English language.

I welcome the critics. Without them I’m likely to become complacent and that will make for a very lazy writer. Bring it on.

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