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“You’re a Cyclops.” Andrew gaped at the giant standing before him. The single eye in the middle of the man’s forehead was glaringly obvious. Blinking, he realized that the single eye was literally glaring at him.

“Your powers of perception are astounding, human. I had no idea that I was a Cyclops.” The sarcasm practically dripped from his words and Andrew flinched. Sarcasm or not, the Cyclops really didn’t make him feel very comfortable.

He was easily two feet taller than Andrew and had a hell of a lot more brawn than he had seen on anyone. That included the damn bodybuilders that his little brother was constantly trying to emulate. It only reminded him that this was a giant that was supposedly only a myth.

A myth that was supposedly the offspring of mythical gods and mythical nymphs and yet it was still standing before him as real as the rocks that dug into his back. He had checked to make sure he wasn’t dreaming and all he got from it was the beginnings of a bruise on the back of his hand.

“Wait,” his mind backtracked and he had to try and pick his jaw up off the floor. “Does this mean that the Greek Gods are real? Like Zeus and Hera and Poseidon?”

“A human with the ability to put two and two together, I am amazed.” All the Cyclops seemed to speak in was sarcasm. It was more than insulting but Andrew was more amazed at the fact the legends he had grown up on were real. He and his brother used to pretend that they were the fearsome gods and striking down all who stood in their path but as they grew older, those things slowly faded into the background.

Rubbing his chin, he crossed his legs and tried to remember everything he ever learned in his mythology class. There were a lot of myths out there in the world but how many of them had the ability to come to life? “Does this mean that God is real too?”

“No.” At first the single eye only grazed him over before turning attention towards a pot that was slowly coming to a boil. “That God is only a mechanism that was created to control the masses since the truth left too much room for those in power to lose said power. It’s amazing what humans will put their faith into when their eyes witness the makings of another God.”

Andrew frowned and glared at the Cyclops when he turned his back. The damn guy could have at least been nice about it. It was a religion that most of the world believed in while he was living in a cave in the middle of nowhere.

“I thought Cyclops were all brutes, not sarcastic or intelligent.”

“And I thought dinner was supposed to scream more and not be so irritating.” The response was so smooth that Andrew didn’t quite register what he’d just heard until the Cyclops was heading in his direction. Eyes wide with fear, he scrambled for the entrance to the cave as fast as he could go.

“Oh no you don’t,” his world was suddenly tipped upside down as the Cyclops picked him up from his calf. He didn’t even think to start begging until he was being dangled above the boiling pot.

“Please! I have a family waiting for me! Don’t eat me!” The pot was scalding hot but he forced himself to put his hands out on the edges to keep himself from being dunked without a fight. He didn’t have anything to entice the one-eyed brute but he was determined not to become the next human to be eaten like the legends.

“I would say sorry kid, but it’s been forever since I’ve had this stew and you’re the main ingredient.” The damn Cyclops was toying with him, slowly increasing the pressure and pushing him down towards the water.

“But I’m not even fat!”

“Good, less calories.”


That took longer than I expected but it’s up! I really am trying to not pull my hair from stress but I am so behind and school is demanding. ON ANOTHER NOTE: I am not trying to insult anyone’s religion with this!

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