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Month: January
Character: Leora Devereux
Entry Number: 21


Despite her best attempts, she lost the pillow tug-o-war and her shield.

“Do I have to?” She whined softly, folding her legs into a pretzel.

“Not a chance.”

“A dare then, I pick dare.”

“Nope, too late. Speak your truth.”

Leora sighed. She had already tried the puppy eyes, baby pout, and shaming but none of them worked. Tori was determined to get through one game of Truth or Dare before the night was done.

“How about a different truth?” That had to be allowed.

Her pout returned when Tori shook her head. “The rules haven’t changed. You have to either answer my question or tell a deep, juicy secret. The darker the better I hear.”

“Fine,” she said, drawing out the word in defeated aggravation. “What do you want this time?”

“Why don’t you talk about your mom?”

The sudden turn into tense territory made her pick at the carpet. What was with everybody and their curiosity about her family? She wasn’t the only one who had an unconventional home life and she definitely wasn’t the only one attached to the supernatural way of life. Case was a dhampir, sure, but Tori and her family were vampires and they weren’t the only ones in the school. Their lives should have been the ones under a spotlight, not hers.

“Mine died.” Tori admitted to the heavy silence.

“Mine hates me,” Leora finally mumbled, “and I don’t know why.”

“When’s the last time you saw her?”

“I never have. She left days after I was born but Case told me once that it had to be because she knew I’d grow up to look better than her.”

Her idle picking slowed as she went on. The words poured out, one after another, till they became a trickle of incoherent mumbles and whispers. “Is it selfish to want love?”

She couldn’t lift her teary eyes from the carpet to see if Tori was even paying attention. The thought barely crossed her mind before Tori’s arms circled around her.

“It’s only selfish if you keep it from me.”

Leora’s lips quirked up into a small smile. “You’ll probably be the on who set me up.”

“Very true.” Tori held her by the shoulders at arms length and wrinkled her nose. “But if it’s Rayne, I don’t want to know.”

Giggling, Leora swatted her hands away. It wouldn’t be Tori if she somehow missed the way Leora got shyer around a guy and it was hard to miss the signs when said guy was Tori’s cousin. “Won’t happen anyway.”

“You never know, somebody may let it slip that you’re interested.”

“Somebody like you?”

“Never know.”

Her stomach dipped a little at the chance of Rayne liking her but she refused to think about it. Instead she took Tori’s hand to haul her up. They had icecream to hunt down and movies to watch.


© 2014 Maura D.