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It was time to go. If they didn’t move, they’d be mowed down and severely injured if not killed. Watching the muscles bunch on their attacker, Kale tugged at her boyfriend urgently. They really need to move, it wasn’t going to be long before the damn thing charged again. She had only barely managed to dodge it last time but with Vern frozen as he was, there was no way they’d dodge again if they didn’t move now.

“Where is all your bravado now? You’re the one that said this maze was nothing to be afraid of.” She tried poking at his usually obnoxious ego but not even that was working. It was like he couldn’t even hear her. Not unusual actually but now would have been a nice time for him to turn his selective hearing on.

Then again, she couldn’t look at the Minotaur for very long without fear beginning to freeze her limbs. Stupid, idiotic Vern had dragged her and all of their friends into this maze for some fun before they had to leave Greece. Their friends had all disappeared down different paths when the Minotaur showed up but she had heard screams so she wasn’t too optimistic about how they were doing.

She was going to die on a school trip to Greece. It was seriously lame. Not even novel worthy. Shaking Vern’s shoulder harder, she felt tears pricking her eyes as he continued to ignore everything she said to him. Pleading and threats were not working.

Another glance towards the beast only cemented her fears, a terrifying smile curled across its lips. How could a creature that was half man and half bull smile like that? Not bothering to contemplate the answer to that question, she wrapped her arms underneath Vern’s and started dragging him as best she could.

The movement was all the Minotaur needed though. As if it was waiting for her to start moving away before it sprang. A scream bubbled up in her throat as it began bearing down on them and all she could think about was how painful it was going to be to be gouged by the horns atop the Minotaur’s head.

The next thing she knew, she was shoved against the shrubs that made up the maze and covered by another hard being. Looking up, she practically cried in relief to see that Vern was moving again. All he needed was the damn Minotaur nearly killing them both for him to get his ass in gear.

“You go left, I’ll go right.” Vern’s plan sounded like some half-cooked idea from a Scooby doo show but at the moment, she wasn’t going to argue. The Minotaur could only choose one of them to go after. She could run faster than Vern, a by-product of running track, but he was a fit guy; more of a threat.

The fact that it was more likely that the monster chasing them would chase Vern made her both relieved and sick to her stomach.

There wasn’t any time to argue the plan when Vern shoved her in her direction, away from the creature, and he took off for the next path. She couldn’t even pause to see if he made it, her body went into auto-pilot and took off as fast as could. Adrenaline and fear was all she was running on, giving her a boost in energy she didn’t think she’d have after dodging attacks and trying to save Vern.

Hitting a dead end, literally, she grabbed hold of the branches of the shrubs to catch herself before she fell. The cuts in her palm from the desperate move only registered after she sunk down into the corner of the blocked path. Going back the way she came when she couldn’t see was what had led her and Vern into the Minotaur the first time.

Maybe if she just stayed quiet and waited, she wouldn’t be found. Wasn’t that how the guy in the legend escaped? Then again, the legend also said that the hero killed the Minotaur but that was obviously not true. The sound of heavy footsteps made her breath catch her throat but just as they were moving closer, they began to move further away.

Pressing herself into the shrubs, she willed her brain to stop thinking and her heart to stop racing. Kale knew she needed to be calm or she’d do something stupid, like scream when a bug crawled across her shoulder or something. Just as the thought crossed her mind, something brushed across her arm; warm, foreign, and definitely not a branch.

A whimper was the only sound she made, a sound she instantly regretted when the entire area seemed to go absolutely silent. Even the bug stopped moving against her arm. Then the bug did the strangest thing.

It was curling around her bicep before she realized that her bug hadn’t been a bug at all. When the other three fingers joined the index and the thumb, she knew she was absolutely dead. Without a care to the branches that were ripping into her skin and clothing, the Minotaur dragged her through the shrub to the other side.

“There you are,” Kale’s scream of pain and terror drowned out most of the creature’s words but she’d never forget what he said next. It would haunt her for years to come and cause her to curse ever meeting Vern Kenny and signing up for a trip to visit Greece.

“Just when my last wife died, a new one comes straight to me.”


There, my two for today are done! Now to prepare for the two tomorrow~

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