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As the forests of the world began to disappear, it wasn’t just the animals that were becoming endangered without their habitats. The rustic guardians of the enchanted woods that had been destroyed were also disappearing. Humanity was killing off races that had long been forgotten as nothing more than myths.

Chelsea wasn’t the only faun that was infuriated by the insult to not only them but the gods that had been tossed aside. But she was probably the only faun that had been cornered by a pair of teenage boys in the last few centuries.

“Dude! She actually has goat legs!” One of them laughed, kneeling down as if to get a better look at them. Kicking out at him did nothing more than bring more laughter from the pair and she prayed to Pan that she’d get away before someone else found them.

“Weren’t they called Satyrs or something?” The taller one wasn’t as loud with his laughter but the curiosity in his eyes was nearly as frightening as the other boy was annoying. Curiosity could lead to cages and zoos and being poked at like she didn’t have feelings.

Being called a satyr brought her temper up to the surface and she snorted. If they were going to keep her trapped as she was, they could at least give her the respect she deserved and not compare her to those drunks. “I’m a faun, there is a difference.”

They both fell silent at the sound of her voice and she nearly rolled her eyes. Did they think she was a mute? Or that she made the same sounds as a goat? Pan help her, humans had become so ignorant since they had stopped believing in the gods and their creatures.

“I always thought they were the same thing.” The one kneeling glanced up at his friend, who shrugged as if to say that he didn’t know that either.

Snorting again, Chelsea crossed her arms across her leather-clad chest and turned slightly so that they could see her little tail. “With all the interbreeding and the lack of knowledge you humans have, I’m not surprised you’re confused. Easy way to tell us apart is that a Faun will have a goat tail while Satyrs have horse tails.”

Both of the boys gaped at her in shock before literally finding some rocks to sit on. Considering they had her trapped against a rock face, she shouldn’t have been too surprised that there were rocks readily available for their bums but she was surprised at the way they were looking at her.

Gone was the laughter and with it, the feeling that they were mocking her. Instead, they both had a look of curiosity that had brightened their gazes. As terrifying as curiosity was, she took the chance to edge forward a little. Neither of them made a move and the taller one even angled himself in a way that said he wasn’t going to stop her if she ran.

“Who are you?” This was bizarre. Her morning chores had led her to this moment and humans had lost much of their tolerance towards the ‘supernatural’. Besides the chase and the initial laughter, she was now being looked at like she was some sort of teacher.

“Oh! I’m Paul and this is my friend Xavier; who are you Miss Faun?” The shorter one, Paul, took care of the introductions while Xavier adjusted himself on his rock.

Shifting her weight from one hoof to the other, Chelsea debated on how much trouble she could get in for humoring this pair of humans. They didn’t seem as dangerous now that she had a clear escape route and they hadn’t really done anything threatening besides corner her.

“My name is Chelsea,” She didn’t quite look at them when she finally introduced herself, instead she focused on the strand of hair that had gotten loose and focused on tucking it behind one of her curved horns.

“I thought that Sat-…Fauns had more nature-like names,” Xavier at least looked apologetic when her glare reminded him that she wasn’t a satyr. For a human, he seemed to think that he knew a lot about Satyrs but with the lack of faith in the true Gods, they had lost many tidbits of truth over the centuries.

Looking between the two and a quick glance to the safety of the forest, one of the few left for them to guard, Chelsea realized exactly why they were just sitting there with curious looks. After a few minutes of debating with herself over it, she found herself a comfortable ledge to sit on as she shared the lost knowledge. Maybe in educating these two, they could save some more of their forests.

“At one point, all we had were nature names but we did need to blend in as the times changed,” She started, tapping her hooves against the rock absentmindedly as she spoke. As she continued, the pair would interrupt with questions or to clarify things they had heard but she was quick to correct and open their clouded eyes to the truth in the world.

At the very least, it was two less humans to destroy what was left of the magic in the world.


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