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Marlon tapped his fingers against his flute in thought. It was the Harvest Festival, a festival dedicated to Pan and his gifts to the earth, and the satyrs took great pride in throwing the biggest celebration. It was a friendly contest with the Fauns.

A friendly contest that had suddenly taken an interesting turn as the most unusual guests turned up. It was not a common occurrence for those were not the followers of Pan. As they were sometimes confused for the gods, Marlon didn’t believe that the faeries actually followed any of the gods. It was their arrogance but it did work for them.

“Are you sure about this, Kian? The lad doesn’t look all that interested at all,” His eyes moved over the two young faeries and back up to their father. He had known Kian for many years and knew the difference between the courts of Fae and that Kian was somewhat of an oddball among his own kind.

It was only further proven by the fact that he was bringing his twin children out of the safety of their kingdoms to a festival of what many Faerie consider lesser creatures. While the female child was bright eyed and looked eager, the boy was hanging back. His expression hadn’t changed from a sullen scowl the entire time he had been talking to Kian.

Kian chuckled and reached over to flick the back of the lad’s head. The child had enough balls to turn a glare up at his father which got him another on the nose. “Oli will behave himself. He just doesn’t trust easily.”

Marlon’s tail swished behind him and he pushed at the dirt with his hooves. The child was untrusting already? Faerie children were rare and usually carefree until they reached maturity, having one so wary meant that the lad had already quite a few nasty run-ins.

Still, it was a celebration and neither of his gods were ever one to turn away guests. Flicking his tail, he nodded and waved the both of the children towards the fun. After one last look up to Kian for his permission and the girl practically ran away to join in the dances. It only took her a moment of watching before she was jumping in. Only took moments before some of the other satyrs were enthralled by the dancing sprite.

That one will be trouble when she’s older. Another seductress in the making, if not a well sought after noble fae woman. His gaze moved back to the father of the little danger and Kian could only shrug and chuckle. Marlon rolled his eyes; a father’s love could make one blind.

The lad hadn’t moved after he had been given the go ahead. Oli, as his father had called him, was sticking to the edge of everything and not far from the safety net that was Kian. Though the boy had the colorings of the darker courts, he had the fair bone structure of the light courts and eyes bluer than any dark fae that he had ever met. Probably the mother’s influence.

With an idea forming, he tapped his flute again and whipped his tail against Kian’s leg. The male was trying to get his son to go and have fun with his sister and was missing the fact that some of the satyr’s were trying to give the girl her first taste of the wine of Dionysus.

“Kian, they’re going to turn your daughter into a drunk.”

“Belladonna! Don’t drink that!” Almost immediately the male faerie raced to keep his daughter from their clutches. He easily scared the other satyr’s away but saying no to his daughter was more difficult.

As the pair began to twirl around in a dance, he reached over with his free hand and dragged Oli over. Ignoring the hissing of the lad, Marlon sat him down on the log next to him. He was no match for the strength of a full grown satyr but the glare on the child’s face was far beyond his years.

“Stop glowering lad, you’re going to sour the atmosphere.” Marlon chuckled and bumped the kid with his hoof when it didn’t make him stop glowering. He was still tense. Dropping his flute in the lad’s lap, he picked a piece of fruit from his teeth. “Your father told you that he’s been teaching you, show me.”

Pale fingers ran over the wood and slowly picked it up. Oli seemed to relax with something familiar to him but it wasn’t getting far enough. Young faeries were powerful enough that their mood could influence things around them so Marlon wanted him to relax before it began to seep out.

“I only know one song.”

“Ah! So the prodigal son can speak!” Marlon earned himself another glare for that but at least he had gotten the lad to speak without his father hanging around. “One song is better than nothing. Play for the celebration of Pan and His harvest, it can be your tribute to the festival as your sister brings laughter and joy.”

For one so young, Oli could give the oldest Satyr’s a run for their money in terms of stubbornness. For a few silent moments, it was a stare down between the two of them. Finally, those blue eyes lit up with a challenge and Marlon leaned back with another chuckle.

So the knucklehead was going to take it as a challenge. That was more than fine; it meant that he’d try his best to make the song as perfect as possible. Greece had many fine players in their cities and he was ready to see if the faeries could keep up to even humans in this day and age.

The notes were confident almost from the get-go. He lifted his wine flask to take a drink just as the lad really got going. It was a ballad meant specifically for celebrations like this one. Kian must have been planning to bring the twins for months now.

The other Satyr’s slowly began to join in on the song as Oli began to relax and focus on playing. Marlon leaned back and patted Oli on the head; taking large gulps of wine while the rest of them all danced around and kicked up dirt with their hooves. His tapped in time with the beat while he worked hard on getting himself drunk in honor of his gods.

“You have talent lad,” He acknowledged with a chuckle as Kian and young Belladonna nearly tripped over a satyr and a nymph.

The flute next to him slowly fell silent while the others continued with the ballad. Glancing down, Marlon rolled his eyes at the look in the lad’s gaze.

“I know I do.” With a sigh, he used his hoof to push the kid off the log for his arrogance. Little brat needed a lesson in humility. A few seconds in the dirt was all the teaching he felt like doing for now, not when the kid was finally relaxing.


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