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“Happy New Year” has been the phrase exchanged between family, friends, and myself over the past two weeks. Though the first has come and gone, the well wishes haven’t stopped and so, I extend that same courtesy to you – Happy New Years!

For those of you that were on top of my back posting spree, you know I was on a month long vacation that included a snow storm, sickness, and well needed rest. I officially returned January 6th and have been dedicated to catching up since. It may not matter to some that weeks went by without a word from me, but for the one reader that it does matter to, I hope you can accept my apology for being so lackadaisical when it came to the schedule I all but promised to keep to.

With that said, I have one back-post left to do. Don’t get excited yet. Knowing me and life, Monday may bump into me and I’ll be two posts behind schedule instead of one. Still, keep the hope alive, I may surprise us both and finish before midnight.

Apart from filling you in about my back-posting, I wanted to point out two new things. The first one is, Leora has been selected to be Character of the Month for the month of January. Her name has popped up a few times so it felt fitting to give her the title. I only hope I do her justice and M.J. falls in love with her all over again.

So what about the second thing? Well, let me tell you. The second new thing pertains to my Wednesday postings. In 2013, a good portion of Wednesdays’ posts followed prompts from, The Writing Prompt Boot Camp. It contained writing exercises sampled from a then upcoming ebook, as advertised by Writer’s Digest, A Year of Writing Prompts. The prompts were a hassle at times and a blast at others but unfortunately, they ended which meant I had to find new creative sparks.

I did a minor search for 100 writing challenge and narrowed the results to three different lists before settling happily on one. For the course of 100 Wednesdays, I will be following a list composed by tehuti. She is a member of DeviantArt who was kind enough to share prompt lists. The one I’ll be trying to defeat is simply labeled 100 writing prompts but I know bringing them to life will be brain melting. They aren’t the typical scenario prompts I tend to go by; for 100 Wednesdays I will be creating pieces starting with sentence styled prompts. Last week’s post, A Riddle Fun, was the first one. The sentence read, “It’s a riddle, you see.” From there it was up to me to pave the rest of the road. That’ll be my job till the list is done and burried.

That’s all I have on updates for now. Till next week, take care and, again, a very well deserved Happy New Year.

P.S. I promise, I’m done with the holiday wishes.