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“Working with a human? What kind of nymph are you?” Teles hissed at the male that had her pinned. The day was not going as she had planned at all. She was supposed to draw some lost ones to her with a couple of songs, take them back to Siren territory, and everyone would have some humans to torment for a day or two.

Instead, she had run into a little twit of a girl and her nymph bodyguard. How a human had managed to get control over one of the greatest treasures in Persea was a mystery but she was sure magic was involved. She was a Siren; she knew the look of someone under another’s control.

“Kallossa, did you need anything from a Siren for your spell?” The nymph only glanced towards the woman for a moment but there wasn’t even the slightest loosening on the grip on her throat. He had fought sirens before to know the amount of pressure to put on her throat that kept her from singing but not from speaking in small bursts.

It was just her luck to run into a male nymph that had hatred burning in his gaze every time that he looked at her. The look was more than the usual animosity between their species, it was personal for him but she couldn’t think of what she had done to this particular nymph. Males were stronger and much harder to kill than females of any of the races but beyond that, they weren’t usually allowed outside unless during times of war.

This made how the human girl had gotten her claws into one all the more mystifying. It meant her magic would have had to bypass many others to draw him out. Unless they had a naughty boy on their hands and he was already out and about without permission.

“No, you can do whatever you want with her.” The human finally spoke up with a tone that almost sounded like boredom. Teles sneered in her direction, struggling to keep the expression on her face as the grip on her throat tightened. A cruel smile had curled across the nymph’s face and she knew that the following minutes were going to be painful.

If her death wasn’t hanging over her head, she might have found that smile alluring. With the power that this male held, he would have been a prize her people would have liked to take for their own and for the continuation of their own line.

Teles gasped for air and clawed at the hand that continued to hold her against the tree. Those blue eyes danced with enjoyment at her struggle. There was something about that gaze, something familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

It was as the illusions that nymphs excelled in began to settle into her consciousness did she figure out why this nymph was so familiar. A face much like his overlapped but the difference between the two was that the older one had green hair and this one had hair the color of fire. Not unlike the female that had fought viciously next to the older male in that last battle.

Despite the lack of air, laughter began to bubble and spill out of her. Now Teles understood why this nymph hated her. Only he seemed to understand that her laughter wasn’t from the illusions that were beginning to twist her perception of reality and his grip lightened just enough for her to laugh more fully.

“You’re his son.” She got out between her laughter, throwing her head back to fully enjoy the irony of it all. His son came to extract revenge for his parents. It was sickeningly sweet but so amusing. Her eyes landed on the bone earring that hung from one ear and her smile twisted maliciously. “Never got the matching earring, did you?”

His eyes swirled in the many different colors of water but the promise of pain wasn’t lost on her. Sirens were born of pain and anger and this nymph could not hide either of those two emotions from her. He wanted his vengeance because they had ripped all he had known from him.

It was delicious.

“The female, his chosen one, screamed like nothing I ever heard when we finally cut him down. Don’t worry; she didn’t last much longer after that.” Agony ripped across her abdomen and Teles glanced down to see a blade of ice sticking out while blood cascaded down around it. So the male had mastered that bit of water manipulation; it was impressive. Slowly bringing her gaze back up with a cough of blood onto the arm that still held her in place, she wanted the last word. Just to see the way the anger twisted his pretty face. “You’ll never find his body. Our Queen destroyed him so completely that there wasn’t anything left for the nymphs to salvage. Their great warrior, felled by the Sirens; it is one of our crowning achievements little nymph.”

A smooth smile curled across his face, a far cry from what she had wanted but there was a darkness to it that satisfied her for the moment. His illusions had taken hold of her reality to the point she could no longer separate the real world from his cruel tricks but his voice was something that continued to ring around her mind even after she was screaming from the overload in her mind.

“Your queen takes credit for things she didn’t do; I know who struck down my parents and she will pay dearly. I’ll carve my matching earring from her very bones while she screams for mercy.

“Are you just going to leave her like that Alarn?” Kallossa’s voice drew his attention away from the blood he was washing off of his arm. The Siren’s screams still echoed in the trees but they were getting weaker, she’d die soon.

“Yes.” A simple answer to her question and she replied with a curious hum. Alarn didn’t plan on elaborating his reasons behind his actions, not yet at least. This kill only filled him with mild satisfaction. It wasn’t the one who had killed his parents but Teles was not innocent in the bloodshed. She had killed many during the war and it was more for those families and their lost daughters that he made her suffer as she did.

Still, that was one Siren closer to Ligeia. Forget their Queen, it was her famous daughter that was going to pay.


And more Alarn. Y’all could be sick of him but I kinda love him a lot. Let me know if you want more of him or not.

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