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Month: January
Character: Leora Devereux
Entry Number: 20

Another crumpled ball of failure bounced off the rim of the small waste basket that sat next to her desk. It got added to the decor of the room an hour into homework.

“Why does anyone want to write about their family?”

Leora lifted her head far enough to readjust and rest her chin on her folded arms instead. Family was meant to be private not to be put on display in front of a class. Not her family anyway.

“Okay,” she breathed out slowly, “it’s one biography. I can do this.” Hopefully without Case’s help, she thought absently, bouncing her leg anxiously.

First she had to figure out how to tell her story without really telling it. Avoiding the pitfalls were easy enough when she was talking to other students but it sometimes bordered on lies. It was the lying that caused one project to feel like a chore. How was she supposed to tell an accurate account of her family’s background when she barely knew it and the parts she did know were either inhuman or too tragic to bring up?

Leora sighed. Eventually it had to be done. She could leave out the fact her mother was a literal  child trading witch and that her father was viciously murdered. Case wasn’t a secret. The school knew he was a dhampir while she was the oddball human with burnt red hair that clashed with her brother’s sandy brown. Luckily, neither of them got picked on.

Leaning forward, she made a note in the margin. Case was one secret she didn’t have to worry about and so long as she made the story sound as close to normal as possible, things would turn out okay. Maybe she’d even get a good grade.

Her mother left them when she was born, her dad died, she moved in with her cousins and her brother soon followed.

“Sounds good enough,” she breathed out.

She nibbled at the pen cap trapped between her teeth. All she had to add were the smaller details and it would be a perfect half truth.


Leora is back! She was featured in A Brother’s Love and mentioned in one of M.J.’s 100 Creature Challenge posts, and now she is my character of the month.