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I’m surrounded by fools. Utter fools. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Doi sighed and counted backwards. Why they were arguing over a human boy was still a mystery but the two young Naiads couldn’t keep from screaming at each other long enough for her to find out the reason. They were disrupting the peace of their home and putting the others on edge. It was this type of behavior that would bring attention to them. It borders on the imbecilic.

Tapping her fingers on the stone table, she gave them until she got to forty-seven before finally interrupting them. She attempted to do so with a clearing of her throat and moving to stand but the motion was lost on them. They were too immersed in their jealous tendencies and for once, Doi wished that her race didn’t have such a tendency. Life would be much easier if she wasn’t breaking up squabbles.

“Girls,” She frowned when even that didn’t make them pay attention and again she cursed the gods for the trait that none of them could control with any amount of success. Leaning forward, she took hold of both of their floating locks and tugged.

Twin cries of pain delighted her ears and she smiled as softly as she could manage at them. Considering her frustration, it wasn’t as kind as she normally looked. Releasing them, she returned to her seat and waved away a small fish that had come in through the opening in the wall.

“This needs to cease this instant. You are making fools of yourselves,” At the very least, they had the decency to look guilty. It still wasn’t erasing the fact that they had upset the entire group with all of their yelling. “We cannot have this kind of hostility in the group; it brings too much attention to us.”

There weren’t many of them left living in the waterways of the mortal world. It was because they were able to stay calm and toss aside the life of drowning men with whom they dealt with that they were able to stay. But it was only conditional, they had to keep from bringing too much attention to themselves and all the hostility between the two had made the river unpredictable and dangerous for the humans.

“We could always just chase the humans off for now, couldn’t we?” The one who had dared to suggest such a thing shrunk under the glare that Doi leveled her with. Young Naiads were so foolish and naïve, often not understanding why they lived the way they did.

“No we can’t. We are not like the Nymphs and we will not stoop to their level by inducing fear.” The next step from that would be returning to killing all trespassers and she would not allow that to happen. “We will be unable to leave the river for a time, they are bringing in someone to try and find the reason that the river has begun to rage out of season.”

“But Lady Doi! How will I be able to visit James?”

“Like James even wants to see you when I’m around, can’t you take a hint?” The taller of the two sneered at the other and pushed her hair back from her face.

“Why can’t you? He’s mine.” The very mention of the human boy was enough to get the two bristling in jealously over the fact that he was playing the both of them. They made it so easy and even Doi could see that neither one of them was truly going to win his heart.

“This is exactly why we can’t leave now, you two are not controlling yourselves and the river is reacting to this hostility. You’re putting everyone on edge over a boy and now we’re all at risk,” She hissed, putting a stop to the fight before it could begin again. They really needed to stop, now. Doi was going to have to separate them if this kept up. “You both will be working on the illusion team so that the divers will not find our home. We can’t afford any mistakes.”

“Yes ma’am.” They both murmured after she had to stare them into submission. The only reason that she hadn’t already punished them was because they were young; eventually they would grow out of it and learn from this experience.

As Doi watched them sneak dark looks at one another after she sent them away, she could only hope that they would grow quickly. The Naiads could not afford to be banished from the mortal plane. Living in secret was better than battling the Nymphs for good living waters.


Doi is pronounced like Dough

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